Packaged Metering Manholes

For Wastewater Flow Measuring

Packaged metering manholes are a type of manhole that houses a variety of metering and metered water systems. These manholes offer numerous benefits, including reduced installation time, improved safety, and better containment of wastewater.

Manholes for your application

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Manholes are a complete solution for flow monitoring in municipal and industrial applications.

TRACOM packaged metering manholes are:
• Lightweight
• corrosion resistant
• watertight
• structurally strong
• Meet the latest revision of ASTM D-3753“Standard Specifications for Fiberglass Manholes.”

Operator's Preferred Manhole

The lightweight nature of fiberglass (typically 1/10th the weight of concrete) minimizes the equipment necessary to install the unit. Also, each manhole is glassed together to provide a single watertight structure; there are no joints or seals to leak or allow infiltration into the manhole. Industries benefit by paying only the amount of their actual effluent. Municipalities benefit by having a safe, clean environment from which to monitor flow and sample in.

Types of Manhole Top Styles

manhole dome top lid

Dome Top

aluminum hatch manhole top

Aluminum Hatch

highway top manhole

H-20 Highway Traffic Loading

Dome Top

  • Application: Non-Traffic Area 
  • Depth: inlet invert to surface grade + 12”
  • Includes: fully opening dome top cover rated for 1,000 lb. top load
  • Hardware: stainless steel piano hinge, solid FRP hinge block, stainless steel hasp, cover support bar with locking pin on chain, and a soft neoprene sponge gasket

Aluminum Hatch

  • Application: Pedestrian loading (i.e. sidewalks) 
  • Depth: Inlet invert to surface grade (or slightly above surface grade)
  • Includes: hatch (300 P.S.F.), watertight/non-watertight hatch
  • Hardware: automatic locking hold open arm, a stainless steel recessed handle, and a staple for a user supplied padlock (camlocks if hatch is watertight)
  • Manholes with 4 feet or more of depth between the top of the flume and bottom of the hatch automatically include a pull-up automatic
flume manhole with h20 top

H-20 Highway Loading

  •  Application: Traffic area (i.e. parking lots, roads) 
  • Depth: Inlet invert to surface grade – 12” [to allow for grade ring(s) and cover – by others]
  • Includes: Open top, note:  Cover and grade ring(s) by others 
  • Hardware: Manholes with 4 feet or more of depth between the top of the flume and shoulder
Additional Examples

What is a packaged metering manhole?

Packaged metering manholes consist of various components pre-assembled in the manhole – such as flumes, weirs, and other flow metering devices. This means that the manhole can easily be opened to provide access to the metering equipment without needing extensive excavation work or specialized tools.

Packaged metering manholes are typically made from fiberglass material for corrosion resistance and durability in harsh environments. They offer a range of performance advantages, including elevated manhole covers that reduce the risk of flooding and manhole ladders for easy access.

Overall, packaged metering manholes are a cost-effective solution for managing wastewater systems and controlling water usage. They offer several advantages, making them an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications. With the right manhole design and manhole components, these manholes can be highly effective in controlling wastewater flow.

Benefits of Packaged FRP Metering Manholes

Installing a packaged metering manhole offers many valuable benefits, particularly when the manhole is made with fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). This approach weighs just 10% of a comparable concrete model and boasts superior corrosion resistance to withstand extreme flow conditions. It also requires minimal installation effort due to its factory-integrated parts, produces watertight seals for long-term effectiveness, and can incorporate an assortment of primary devices as needed.
  • Cost-Effective for Industries and Municipalities
    By using packaged metering manholes, industries can benefit from only paying their actual effluent costs. On the other hand, municipalities benefit from having a safe, clean environment to monitor flow and sample in.

  • Lightweight Solutions

    Our engineered packaged metering manholes come with the added benefit of being made from lightweight fiberglass. In comparison to concrete, fiberglass is typically only 1/10th the weight – making it easier to install with minimal equipment.

  • Seamless Structures
    Each packaged metering manhole is glassed together to form a single, watertight structure. This eliminates any need for joints or seals, which eliminates any potential for leaking or infiltration into the manhole.

    FRP pre-packaged metering manholes are easy and cost effective to install. With the only prep being excavation and concrete, a pre-packaged metering manhole can be placed and connected in minutes. It is important to remember that the manhole needs to be backfilled and buoyancy engineering completed.

dome top manhole lid

Standard Features:

  • Integral cover
  • Barrel with interior/exterior gel coat
  • Pipe stub or ANSI 150 lb. flange end connections
  • Integral watertight fiberglass floor
  • Anti-flotation base mounting flange
  • Stainless steel reinforced, FRP ladder with
    photoluminescent, non-slip grit coated rungs
  • OSHA approved confined space entry sign
  • 2″ (5,08 cm) NPT tap
  • 1/2″ (1,27 cm) thick foam leveling pad
  • All stainless steel hardware

Optional Features Include:

  • Three diameters:
    • 48″ (122 cm)
    • 60″ (155 cm)
    • 72″ (183 cm)
  • Three top styles to fit your application needs
    • Dome style (for ease of access)
    • H-20 reducer (road and parking lot areas)
    • Aluminum Hatch (pedestrian or low profile areas)
  • Electrical packages:
    • NEMA 4X lighting
    • exhaust fans
    • GFI outlets
  • Intermediate platforms – full and half diameter
  • Equipment shelves and mounting panels
  • Grating, FRP pultrusion, open-cell, removable

Technical Details - Drawings