Packaged Metering Manholes

For Wastewater Flow Measuring

Take the guess work out of installation.  Tracom flume manholes come packaged; ready to be dropped in place.   

Manholes for your application

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Manholes are a complete solution for flow monitoring in municipal and industrial applications.

TRACOM packaged metering manholes are:
• Lightweight
• corrosion resistant
• watertight
• structurally strong
• Meet the latest revision of ASTM D-3753 “Standard Specifications for Fiberglass Manholes.”

Operator's Preferred Manhole

The lightweight nature of fiberglass (typically 1/10th the weight of concrete) minimizes the equipment necessary to install the unit. Also, each manhole is glassed together to provide a single watertight structure; there are no joints or seals to leak or allow infiltration into the manhole. Industries benefit by paying only the amount of their actual effluent. Municipalities benefit by having a safe, clean environment from which to monitor flow and sample in.

Dome Top

  • Application: Non-Traffic Area 
  • Depth: inlet invert to surface grade + 12”
  • Includes: fully opening dome top cover rated for 1,000 lb. top load
  • Hardware: stainless steel piano hinge, solid FRP hinge block, stainless steel hasp, cover support bar with locking pin on chain, and a soft neoprene sponge gasket

Aluminum Hatch

  • Application: Pedestrian loading (i.e. sidewalks) 
  • Depth: Inlet invert to surface grade (or slightly above surface grade)
  • Includes: hatch (300 P.S.F.), watertight/non-watertight hatch
  • Hardware: automatic locking hold open arm, a stainless steel recessed handle, and a staple for a user supplied padlock (camlocks if hatch is watertight)
  • Manholes with 4 feet or more of depth between the top of the flume and bottom of the hatch automatically include a pull-up automatic
flume manhole with h20 top

H-20 Highway Loading

  •  Application: Traffic area (i.e. parking lots, roads) 
  • Depth: Inlet invert to surface grade – 12” [to allow for grade ring(s) and cover – by others]
  • Includes: Open top, note:  Cover and grade ring(s) by others 
  • Hardware: Manholes with 4 feet or more of depth between the top of the flume and shoulder
Additional Examples

Standard Features:

  • Integral cover
  • Barrel with interior/exterior gel coat
  • Pipe stub or ANSI 150 lb. flange end connections
  • Integral watertight fiberglass floor
  • Anti-flotation base mounting flange
  • Stainless steel reinforced, FRP ladder with
    photoluminescent, non-slip grit coated rungs
  • OSHA approved confined space entry sign
  • 2″ (5,08 cm) NPT tap
  • 1/2″ (1,27 cm) thick foam leveling pad
  • All stainless steel hardware

Optional Features Include:

  • Three diameters:
    • 48″ (122 cm)
    • 60″ (155 cm)
    • 72″ (183 cm)
  • Three top styles to fit your application needs
    • Dome style (for ease of access)
    • H-20 reducer (road and parking lot areas)
    • Aluminum Hatch (pedestrian or low profile areas)
  • Electrical packages:
    • NEMA 4X lighting
    • exhaust fans
    • GFI outlets
  • Intermediate platforms – full and half diameter
  • Equipment shelves and mounting panels
  • Grating, FRP pultrusion, open-cell, removable

Manhole Top Styles

manhole dome top lid

Dome Top

aluminum hatch manhole top

Aluminum Hatch

highway top manhole

H-20 Highway Traffic Loading

Technical Details