Wastewater Product & Flume Accessories

To make the most of a wastewater management system, you will need a variety of accessories. Equipping your flumes and other wastewater products with the proper accessories allows you to consistently take accurate measurements. Additionally, using flume accessories helps your operation run as efficiently as possible.

Flume Accessories

TRACOM provides three main flume accessories to help ensure consistently accurate measurements. Our knowledge and industry experience gives us the expertise to help you select the best products for your needs.

Our three main flume accessories include:


TRACOM offers two types of wells: stilling wells and probe wells. Stilling wells are more common and useful compared to probe wells. Stilling wells are usually attached to the side wall of the flume and work to slow down—or still—the water at certain points. With a stilling well, you will be able to take accurate measurements wherever the well is installed. The drawback with sitting wells is that they can become clogged and require maintenance in operations that deal with a lot of sediment or debris. On the other hand, with similar mounting options, probe wells can provide accurate measurements but are generally ineffective in cold weather.


Tubes can help water management businesses with the measurement of water flows, and TRACOM offers two types of tube flume accessories: bubbler tubes and sample tubes. Each type is used differently to measure water levels. Bubbler tubes allow gas to escape the tube in the form of bubbles and sampler tubes allow you to easily take samples of your operation’s water for testing purposes. Both types of tubes are great accessories when looking for comprehensive statistics related to how your system is functioning.

Probe Holders

Measuring the chemicals in your water operation is critical. One of the most important chemical measurements is your water’s pH level. Most water management companies use a probe when monitoring pH levels, and therefore need a pH probe holder. This accessory secures your probe so that it consistently measures pH levels without the risk of coming loose and losing your necessary data.

Other Accessories

To further meet your wastewater management needs, TRACOM offers other accessories including staff gauges and ultrasonic brackets.

Staff Gauges

Staff gauges are a simple, reliable solution that companies have trusted for years to measure water levels. Instead of using high-tech methods, staff gauges rely solely on eyesight, providing visual proof of water levels in your operation. Staff gauges come in various sizes, are easy to install, and are made with durable materials guaranteed to last throughout the length of your operation.

Ultrasonic Brackets

Ultrasonic mounting brackets are used to hold flow meter sensors in place to provide accurate readings. These mounting brackets are strong, durable, and engineered to last for years to come. Depending on the consistency of you water levels, you can choose a fixed or adjustable bracket.

TRACOM is the nation’s #1 choice for fiberglass products and accessories. No matter what product you are looking for, we offer various sizes and additional products to ensure your operation functions properly and provides accurate flow readings. Contact our team today or call 877-435-8637 to get started.