Energy Absorbing Manholes

Fiberglass energy absorbing manholes are used in instances where site conditions prevent a sub-critical and tranquil flow. These conditions are needed for a flume or weir to work properly, and energy absorbing manholes are used to slow the velocity of water through a pipe system. Fiberglass energy absorbing manholes are a cost effective and efficient way keep your water management system working successfully.

Energy Absorbing Manhole Benefits

Fiberglass energy absorbing manholes play a critical role in water management systems. Industrial companies are choosing these items for several reasons, including their following advantages:

  • Replaces the need for costly line excavations and resloping
  • Installation can be performed at the same time with a packaged metering manhole
  • The ability to reduce labor and machine/equipment installation costs
  • Interior is smooth, resistant to corrosion, and durable for years to come

Additionally, all TRACOM energy absorbing manholes are built to exceed all industry standards, including ASTM D3753 and AASHTO H-20. 

Options and Accessories for your Energy Absorbing Manhole

Energy absorbing manholes are typically available in a range of sizes from 48-96 inches in diameter and up to 35 feet in depth. There are several cover styles available for energy absorbing manholes, such as:

  • Domed Fiberglass – for areas with no vehicles or traffic
  • Open Top – for instances where the manhole top should be open
  • Aluminum Covers – for areas with pedestrian traffic
  • H-20 Traffic Reducers – for standard use with grade rings, frames, and covers

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Manhole Top Styles

manhole dome top lid

Dome Top

Aluminum Hatch

H-20 Highway Traffic Loading

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