Chlorine Buildings

Safe water for public use is an extremely important part of every water management system, and each system needs chlorine to create this kind of water. Chlorine is used to clean and stabilize water so it is safe for various activities, however chlorine can be dangerous if not stored properly. There are specific regulations to keep this volatile chemical from causing great harm to those working with it as well as the environment.

Chlorine must be stored and handled in a proper, safe manner. A chlorine building is the perfect solution for your water management system, as it provides multiple benefits and a controlled environment to safely store other chemicals.

What are the Benefits of a Chlorine Building?

Chlorine buildings, also known as chemical buildings or chemical shelters provide multiple benefits to those working in the water management field. In addition, these shelters protect the environment and others in the geographic area. The primary benefits of a chlorine building include:

TRACOM chlorine buildings provide a precise and controlled environment for storing chlorine and other chemicals to prevent accidental harm. This ensures your water management system is safe for its workers and meets all governmental requirements. The reliable ventilation system helps keep fresh air in your shelter, making the workplace even safer for your employees.

Additionally, the materials our chlorine buildings are designed with guarantee your building is corrosion resistant, preventing the chance of a leak into the outside environment. Chlorine is extremely caustic when undiluted, and TRACOM chlorine buildings prevent this type of disaster from occurring.

What Chemicals Can You Store in a Chlorine Building?

Chlorine buildings are used to properly store not only chlorine, but a multitude of other chemicals as well. The controlled environment with our corrosion resistant buildings make a great place to store bleach and other necessary chemicals for your water management system.

TRACOM will help you make sure your chemical storage building is constructed to EPA standards and that the chemicals you use in your operations are in contained storage.

To learn more about chlorine buildings, what chemicals you can store, and how you can maintain safe environment for your employees, contact TRACOM. Our team understands the importance of water management systems and can direct you in the right decision on which products to choose.

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