Laser Manholes

Laser manholes provide an easy-to-install, drop-in-place flow metering solution. Tracom’s fiberglass superstructure is lightweight and quick to bring into service.

Fiberglass Laser Manholes

Our fiberglass Laser Manholes are made from Polyester Resin with Polyester Gel Coating, giving excellent corrosion resistance as a minimum. Laser Manholes can be customized to use the right material for your application, including VinylEster Resin or a Resin-rich veil in lieu of gel coating.

Standard design calls for a rectangular channel or a U-channel for effluent, with a mounting bracket attached to the manhole barrel above. Laser flow monitoring is a non-contact flow monitoring technology. Non-contact devices require less cleaning than conventional contact flow devices like pressure transducers or bubblers.

Laser Manhole Installation

When you purchase a laser manhole from Tracom, you’re packaging your project into a prefabricated laser monitoring system. Installation is quick, lowering the time spent in confined spaces. Tracom can personalize your Laser Flow Meter Mount for extreme ease of installation.

Laser Manholes arrive ready to set-in-place, with couplings for pipe attachment. Inside is an OSHA compliant ladder, 2” NPT coupling penetration for wiring runs, a channel for effluent to pass through, and a mounting bracket for your laser system. Outside is a set of pipe sleeves and a polystyrene pad to place under the manhole when mounting.

Tracom Laser Fiberglass Manholes come water-tight, so you can easily isolate your access point from groundwater. Filling the void space around your Fiberglass Laser channel with grout (or sand topped with grout) provides weight to counter ground water buoyancy, and allows moisture to flow back into the channel, keeping the environment for the operator as clean and dry as possible.

Reduce your contractor’s time on the job site with a prefabricated laser manhole system from Tracom.

Fiberglass Laser Manholes - FAQ's

  • What are the benefits of a Laser flow meter?
    1. Laser meters are non-contact and stay clean longer than flow meters in or near the effluent.
    2. The meter does not require a flume to meter flow.
  • What are the draw-backs of a Laser flow meter?
    1. Laser meters are expensive.
    2. Laser meters require power to measure flow, unlike flumes which can be sight-read.
    3. Laser meters do not have redundant flow measuring options for calibration.
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