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Since 1986, TRACOM has been partnering with companies across the nation. We create and install fiberglass products for wastewater management and other industrial and construction projects. Our goal is to become the #1 trusted source for durable fiberglass products, and each day we are one step closer. Our dedication to quality, our wide variety of products, and our customizable product options make us a top choice among the industry.

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One of our customers’ favorite parts of working with TRACOM is our wide selection of fiberglass products. We believe as a top fiberglass product company, it is imperative to provide and install the necessary products for each of the projects your business needs. This is why we offer multi-purpose consoles and shelters, fiberglass flumes, manholes, other products and accessories.

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Searching for Additional Fiberglass Product Information?Looking for the latest information on fiberglass products? Read our recent blog articles below. With over 30 years of professional experience, TRACOM is your source for fiberglass products. Feel free to browse our website for specific product information or to call 877-435-8637 for any questions you have.
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Benefits of Fiberglass Construction

You can use a variety of different materials in flumes, weir boxes and packaged metering manholes, but nothing works quite like fiberglass. Fiberglass construction offers …

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grinder manhole

Packaged Metering Manhole Benefits

A packaged metering manhole used in conjunction with your flow rate measurement efforts can help you take measurements on underground flow channels more easily. When …

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How to Choose a Flume Style

Flumes are among the best solutions for flow rate measurement efforts, as they offer near-universal compatibility with a wide variety of flow channel conditions. That …

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Weir Boxes

How to Choose a Weir Style

Before you implement a weir box into your flow channel for flow rate measurements, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the proper type. You’ll …

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h flume

How to Spot Submergence

One of the most important factors in a flume’s operation is avoiding submergence. When a flume becomes submerged, all your measurement efforts will be thrown …

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Parshall Flumes and Free-Spilling Discharge

When you’re using any kind of flume, how the discharge is handled is among the most important factors to consider. With Parshall flumes specifically, a …

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