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TRACOM: The Leading Fiberglass Product Company

TRACOM has been designing custom and standard fiberglass products for nearly 30 years. We started by modernizing the wastewater treatment business with economical, standardized products.

As our company grew, we started supporting many other industries with custom and standardized products. Our fiberglass production facility can produce a finished product in less than a day from a production design.

TRACOM’s Fiberglass Products

Working with the client through all stages of a project, from preliminary design to equipment installation, TRACOM provides the right mix of products and services to ensure that our customers receive the very best solution to their problems.

Our fiberglass products include the following:

In addition to our quality service and rapid response to customer inquiries, all TRACOM products also include a TWO YEAR warranty. Our promise is to provide the best ownership experience possible.

Our Nationwide Partners and Customers

TRACOM has regional partners across the United States that provide local products and installation services. Check out our map below that shows where our partners and some of our customers are located.

tracom customers

Tracom Team

Matt Kazmier
General Manager

Matt has been with Tracom since 2012. His career includes work in Corporate Finance, Buy-Side Negotiation, Project Management, and Branding. He graduated from The Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science in Management. He enjoys soccer, traveling, and cycling.
Andrew Helbling

Andrew Helbling
Product Production Manager

Andrew joined Tracom at the end of 2020. A recent graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Psychology, Andrew leverages product knowledge with an ability to work closely with engineers. When not at the office you’ll find him fly fishing or paddling.

Mary Ann Cronley
Production Assistant

Mary Ann has been with Tracom since 2001. She is responsible for the shipment and billing of projects along with keeping a keen eye on the books. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising. Her interests include camping and volunteering.

Marie Lumpkin
Operations Support

Marie Lumpkin joined Tracom in 2020. As a fiberglass fabrication veteran, Marie is a great addition to our team of experts. Marie’s experience in the industry is a great asset in sales and support core teams as well as planned company expansion.

Justin Lumpkin
Lead Fabricator

Tracom Founders

Timothy Kazmier

Ronald Kazmier

Robert Kazmier

Clarence Kazmier

Clarence Kazmeir