Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus, H-type, Trapezoidal, Cutthroat, RBC, and Montana Flumes
Flumes & Metering, Grinder Mounting, Flow Splitting, Energy Absorbing, and Wet Wells
V-notch and Rectangular Weir Plates in Prefabricated Boxes

Protect large equipment, instruments and chemicals

Precision molded fiberglass cabinets

Protection for smaller equipment

Protect devices from sun damage and glare

TRACOM - American Built and Owned

TRACOM Inc provides wastewater management solutions to organizations and companies across not only the US, but the world. To address various open channel flow problems, our fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) are engineered to offer long-lasting results in corrosive and abusive environments. In addition to creating safe and healthy conditions for you and your customers, we strive to save you time and money in the wastewater management process.

All TRACOM products are made with fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP). These materials are fabricated from a lightweight, non-porous material in strong one-piece molds and keep their strength over time. While concrete corrodes overtime, fiberglass does not and has a much longer life span. Additionally, fiberglass products can be installed quickly and effortlessly, speeding up the installation process.

Our company is known for its customer service, complete line of equipment that aids in open channel flow, and on time delivery of products so you can meet your deadlines. With over 30 years in the industry, we have established trust as a fiberglass product company. To ensure our services are most effective, we offer a two-year warranty on all products.

Our fiberglass products are high quality, stable, corrosion-resistant, and delivered on time to meet your company or organization’s individual needs.