Water & Wastewater Applications

Flumes, Weir Boxes & Fiberglass Manholes

Since 1986, TRACOM has been the nation’s top choice for water and wastewater applications. Our products are used to provide solutions for open channel flow problems. Our company understands the importance of accurate flow measurements and ensures each piece of equipment is created with the highest quality.

We are dedicated to helping you meet your individual needs, and therefore offer three main water and wastewater products:

  • Flumes – to assist in open channel flow monitoring
  • Weir Boxes – to ensure highly accurate measurements in low-flow instances
  • Fiberglass Manholes – to monitor influent or effluent flow in municipal & industrial environments


(Tracom builds every type of flume)Each water and wastewater application is different. This is why there are various types of flumes. To ensure the most accurate open channel flow monitoring, TRACOM recommends considering the characteristics of each flume before making a decision. We encourage customers to contact (contact us!, we can recommend a field representative if we can’t solve the problem in-house) an engineer to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Find out if the Parshall, Palmer-Bowlus, Trapezoidal, Cutthroat, H/HL/HS, RBC, or Montana flume works best for you.

Weir Boxes

TRACOM’s fiberglass weir boxes are used to provide highly accurate measurements for low-flow situations. Our technical experts are dedicated to creating a product that not only leaves the smallest footprint possible, but also covers the full range of your flows. We take your specific flow rates and stream composition into consideration when designing your customized weir box. Each piece of equipment meets ISO 1438/1-1990 requirements and comes with a fixed weir plate, inlet baffle, inlet and discharge areas, and end connections.

Fiberglass Manholes

The best way to monitor influent or effluent flow in a municipal or industrial application is to use a TRACOM fiberglass packaged metering manhole. Also referred to as PPM (only the ones with flumes in them), these products are created with fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) to ensure ultimate durability for your water and wastewater projects. Our fiberglass manholes not only meet, but exceed the ANSI / ASTM D-3753 “Standard Specifications for Fiber-Reinforced Manholes”. Known for their structurally strong, watertight, corrosion resistant, and lightweight qualities, TRACOM packaged metering manholes are ready for immediate installation upon purchase. (Grinder manholes, Splitter manholes, energy absorbing manholes, packaged metering manholes are all fiberglass manholes)