Flow Splitting Manholes​

Sometimes you need your flow to divert to multiple locations. Whether you have one inlet and two outlets or four inlets and five outlets, anything is possible. Flow splitting manholes are designed to move stormwater exactly where it needs to be, at the exact angles and heights. Diverting overflow stormwater is simple with a TRACOM Flow Splitting Manhole.

Flow Splitter / Diversion

Flow combining/splitting Manholes (also called Diversion Manholes) provide an easy-to-install, drop-in-place flow metering solution. Tracom’s fiberglass superstructure is lightweight and quick to bring into service.

Our fiberglass Flow Splitting Manholes are made from Polyester Resin with Polyester Gel Coating, giving excellent corrosion resistance as a minimum. Diversion Manholes can be customized to use the right material for your application, including VinylEster Resin or a Resin-rich veil in lieu of gel coating.

Standard design calls for flanged and/or sleeved pipe connections outside. Tracom only uses the highest quality flanges, typically made from Hetron 922 Resin. Tracom flanges are 3rd party rated to conform to PS 15-69 & ASTM D5421. Inlets and outlets are completely customizable from height and center offset to pipe size. Whether you need a flanged connection or a pipe stub, anything is possible to get you what you need.

Flow Spitter Manholes - Installation

When you purchase a diversion / flow splitting manhole from Tracom, you’re purchasing a water-tight product straight from the factory. Installation is quick, leaving penetration work to our team. Tracom personalizes your flanges and stubs for extreme ease of installation. Prevent expensive mistakes originating from field-assembled wet wells, and use a Tracom Fiberglass Manhole for your application.

Diversion Manholes arrive ready to set-in-place, with “ANSI 150lbs pattern” flanges or PVC pipe stubs with flexible sleeves outside for pipe attachment, as well as a polystyrene pad to place under the manhole when mounting. Inside is an OSHA compliant ladder and 2” NPT coupling penetration for wiring runs. Flow splitting manholes can have channeled FRP diversions, FRP baffle walls for energy absorption, or screens for filtering out rags and large solids. Tracom Diversion manholes can be installed with valves or stop-plates for shutting off flow to particular outlets. Diversion manholes can be configured with interior drops or risers, J-type bends, Y-type bends; practically any shape possible.

Tracom Flow Splitting Fiberglass Manholes come water-tight, so you can easily isolate your access point from groundwater. Filling the void space below your deepest with grout (or sand topped with grout) provides weight to counter ground water buoyancy.

Reduce your contractor’s time on the job site with a prefabricated Fiberglass Diversion Manhole system from Tracom.

Manhole Top Styles

manhole dome top lid

Dome Top

aluminum hatch manhole top

Aluminum Hatch

highway top manhole

H-20 Highway Traffic Loading

No matter what product you are looking for, TRACOM has you covered!

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