Your Trusted Leader in Fiberglass Sunshades & Panels

Protect your equipment from the weather or organize it with our line of panel/sun shades. They shade unsheltered equipment such as Flow Measurement devices and uncovered electronics from wind, rain, snow, debris, and sun damage. They also provide shade for viewing monitors to eliminate glare.

Panel Shades

Similar to sun shades, Tracom also has a line of panel shades. Panel Shades keep the elements from monitoring devices. They also provide a dry environment for using any enclosured device without harm to the electronics out in the field.

Typical Sun Shade and Panel Shade Applications

sun shade panel covering electronics

Sun Shade SUN-30

sun shade panel for electronics


shade panel 10 protects electronic equipment


fiberglass panel shade


fiberglass shade panel


Technical Details

Molded reinforced fiberglass polyester containing: 30% Glass (by weight) in a General Purpose Polyester Resin matrix. Standard color: Pure White.
  • GFCI Outlet
  • 48″ Fluorescent, 2-bulb (Available on Panel-4 & 7)
  • Weatherproof switch

Additional Examples

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