Fiberglass Sun Shades

Sun shades are a necessity when it comes to protecting your equipment and electronic devices. To keep your systems running properly, your equipment needs protection from all types of weather, including the sun.

Sun shades defend unsheltered equipment such as flow measurement tools from sun damage. In addition, they provide shade and eliminate glare on viewing monitors.

TRACOM sun shades come in a standard, pure white color and can be built in any size to suit your company’s needs.

Sun Shades

Most individuals understand the importance of protecting equipment from rain and snow, but do not realize sun damage is just as serious of an issue, too. UV rays from the sun, especially during summer months are very strong and can cause significant problems to your electronic equipment.

TRACOM’s FRP sun shades come in various sizes to protect all of your equipment, no matter what size. Safeguarding your tools and electronic devices against the sun extends the life of your equipment and maintain your product’s quality. In addition, control panel sun shades make your equipment easier to use by eliminating glare on the viewing screens.

Sun Shade Advantages

TRACOM understands the importance of having quality and proficient equipment, and this starts with safeguarding against outside factors, such as various weather conditions. Sun shades are a great solution for protecting and extending the life of your electronic monitoring devices.

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Technical Details

Materials of Construction
Molded reinforced fiberglass polyester containing: 30% Glass (by weight) in a General Purpose Polyester Resin matrix. Standard color: Pure White.
Additional Options
  • GFCI Outlet
  • 48″ Fluorescent, 2-bulb (Available on Panel-4 & 7)
  • Weatherproof switch
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