RBC Flumes

For Applications where Little or No Solids are Expected

RBC flumes were developed in the mid-1980’s to measure very low flows in furrows and small earthen channels. Although they are technically considered flumes, they are more accurately broad-crested weirs. In some ways, they are a mixture of Trapezoidal and Palmer-Bowlus flumes. RBC flumes have several distinct advantages, a few options and accessories, as well as various sizes and applications.

RBC Flume Characteristics & Advantages

RBC flumes have important and distinguished characteristics that create a great deal of advantages over other flumes. Because their size is so small, they should be used where solids are not expected. In addition, channel slope should not exceed 1%. Some RBC flumes, such as those without inlet and outlet wingwalls will need grout to create a smooth transition from the channel into and out of the flume.

Because of these unique characteristics, RBC flumes offer the following advantages:

RBC Flume Options & Accessories

TRACOM understands RBC flumes often require additional parts and accessories. This is why we offer certain options when purchasing flumes. With our RBC flumes, you can also request the following:

  • Ultrasonic mounting brackets (only suggest for use with stilling wells or the 200mm size flume)
  • Bubble tubes
  • Stilling wells (detached)
  • Staff gauges
  • Inlet and outlet wingwalls
  • Chemically resistant gel coat

RBC Flume Sizes & Flow Ranges

Each wastewater management system is different. This is why TRACOM provides five different sizes and styles of RBC flumes for you to choose from. Each size has its own recommended flow rate. If you are not sure which RBC flume works best for you, ask one of our specialists today.

RBC Flume Applications

RBC flumes are designed with a combination of 5 different flumes which makes it easy to create, move and carry, and perform accurate measurements. Due to its unique characteristics, RBC flumes are used in several distinct applications where no solid materials are expected. These include:

To learn more about RBC flumes and how they can help your wastewater management system, contact TRACOM. Our specialists have over 30 years of industry experience and can answer any questions you may have about fiberglass flumes or any of our other products.

RBC Flume Technical Details