At TRACOM FRP, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of innovative flow control solutions. Weirs, an essential component in water and wastewater management systems, play a vital role in regulating flow rates and ensuring efficient water distribution. Our commitment to engineering excellence and the utilization of high-quality materials allows us to deliver durable, reliable, and customizable weir solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. We construct and install various types of weirs, including Weir Boxes, Weir Plates, and Chemical Contact Weir.

Weir Boxes

Compact and versatile flow control structures that effectively manage water levels and discharge rates.

Weir Plates

Perfect for regulating the water level in tanks, channels, and basins.

Weir Boxes:

Weir Boxes are compact and versatile flow control structures that effectively manage water levels and discharge rates. These pre-fabricated units consist of a rectangular or square enclosure, often made of FRP materials for their superior strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity. TRACOM FRP offers customized Weir Boxes designed to meet specific project requirements.

weir box

Key Features

Our Weir Boxes are manufactured using premium FRP materials, which are non-corrosive, lightweight, and have excellent structural integrity.
The Weir Boxes feature integrated weirs, which include V-notch weirs, rectangular weirs, or custom-designed weirs to achieve precise flow control and accurate measurement.
Weir Boxes are designed for straightforward installation, enabling quick deployment and reducing downtime during installation or maintenance activities.
TRACOM FRP offers Weir Boxes in various dimensions, configurations, and with optional features such as flumes, baffle plates, and flow measuring devices, allowing for tailored solutions to meet project-specific requirements.

Applications of Weir Boxes:

Stormwater Management: Weir Boxes are commonly used in stormwater detention and retention basins to control water levels and manage discharge rates during heavy rain events, reducing the risk of flooding.

Water Treatment Plants: Weir Boxes are integral components in water treatment plants, facilitating the measurement and regulation of water flow rates for efficient treatment processes.

Irrigation Systems: Weir Boxes are employed in irrigation systems to distribute water evenly across fields by controlling flow rates and ensuring optimum water utilization.

Industrial Applications: Weir Boxes find applications in industrial processes that require precise flow control, such as cooling systems, chemical plants, and manufacturing facilities.

Weir Plates:

Weir Plates, also known as overflow plates or overflow weirs, are used to regulate the water level in tanks, channels, and basins. They are typically installed at the edge of a structure and facilitate the controlled discharge of excess water. TRACOM FRP offers high-quality Weir Plates that offer exceptional durability and performance.

Key Features of Weir Plates

Weir Plates from TRACOM FRP are constructed using robust FRP materials, providing excellent strength, chemical resistance, and resistance to UV degradation.
Weir Plates are designed with precision-engineered notches or slots that determine the flow rate and provide accurate measurements of water passing through.
Weir Plates can be manufactured in various sizes, configurations, and notch types, including V-notch, rectangular, or custom-designed, to suit specific project requirements.
Weir Plates are lightweight, making them easy to handle and install, ensuring minimal disruption during the installation process.

Applications of Weir Plates:

Water Treatment Facilities: Weir Plates are commonly used in settling tanks, clarifiers, and sedimentation basins within water treatment plants to control water levels and promote the settling of suspended particles.

Spillways and Dams: Weir Plates are employed in spillways and dams to manage water levels and control the release of excess water, preventing potential damage from flooding.

Reservoirs and Retention Basins: Weir Plates assist in maintaining optimal water levels in reservoirs and retention basins, ensuring a controlled release of water during peak flow periods.

Industrial Applications: Weir Plates are utilized in various industrial processes, including chemical manufacturing, food processing, and mining, where precise flow control is essential.