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Palmer Bowlus Flumes

For Wastewater Flow Measuring
Named after its inventors, Harold Palmer and Fred Bowlus, the Palmer Bowlus flume has three installation options and is virtually maintenance free. Since the 1930s, Palmer Bowlus flumes have served as a simple and effective wastewater flow-measuring device. The flume is essentially a restriction in the channel and is sized according to the width of the flume. This is typically, but not always, the width of the pipe the flume is connected to.

Palmer Bowlus Flume Sizes & Options

TRACOM understands each wastewater management system is different, and it is our goal to help your system run smoothly. To meet your flow measurement needs, our Palmer Bowlus flumes are available in three different sizes:

4D+1 inch Permanent Flume Style

2D+1 inch Portable Flume Style

2D+1 inch portable flumes cannot be provided with bubble or sample tubes, submerged probe or Drexelbrook cavities or staff gauges. They are, however available with outlet bulkhead to connect to existing pipe.

Insert Flume Style

Like the 2D+1 inch style, insert flumes are also not available with bubble tubes, submerged probe or Drexelbrook cavities, or staff gauges. They are different from 2D+1 inch flumes in how they are not available with inlet or outlet bulkheads.

Choosing the Right Flume For You

Each Palmer Bowlus style flume has its advantages and disadvantages and works best in certain fields. Which style flume is best for your project?
Additional Examples

To learn more about Palmer Bowlus flumes, their accessories, sizes and recommended flow ranges, contact TRACOM today. With over 30 years in the fiberglass product industry, we can suggest the right flume to meet your needs and any other products to make your wastewater management system as efficient as possible. 

Technical Details

  • Ultrasonic mounting brackets
  • Bubble tubes
  • Sample tubes
  • Submerged probe cavities
  • Stilling wells (attached and detached)
  • Staff gauges
  • Removable probe holders
  • Inlet and outlet bulkheads
  • Pipe stubs
  • Flanged end connections
  • FRP grating
  • Riser boxes
  • Transition entrances
  • Nesting
  • Multi-piece construction
  • Chemically resistant gel coat
SizeRecommended Flow Rates
44”5 – 55 GPM
66”15 – 148 GPM
88”24 – 213 GPM
10”56 – 521 GPM
12”89 – 817 GPM
15”148 – 1450 GPM
18”239 – 2271 GPM
21”358 – 3322 GPM
24”505 – 4622 GPM
27”684 – 6259 GPM
30”868 – 8116 GPM
42”2023 – 18794 GPM
48”2858 – 25154 GPM
54”3873 – 35199 GPM
60”4993 – 45673 GPM
72”7877 – 72046 GPM
For sizes above 72” consult the factory