Commercial & Industrial Fiberglass Products

Fiberglass Shelters, Panel & Sun Shades, Control Panel Consoles & Enclosures

TRACOM is the nation’s #1 source for fiberglass products that support general commercial and industrial needs. Whether you need a shelter, shading device, or a specific console or enclosure to protect your equipment, we have what you need. All of our products are constructed with the highest quality possible, ensuring they are weather resistant and durable. In addition to being long-lasting and economical, our fiberglass products are easy to install and require low maintenance.

Some of our general application products include:

FRP Shelters​

To store & protect equipment in extreme weather conditions​

Panel/Sun Shades​

To protect electronics & other devices from rain, snow, & sun​

Control Panel Consoles​

Designed with filter panels for water & wastewater plants​

Equipment Enclosures​

Available in a variety of sizes & models to meet your needs​

History of Fiberglass

In 1880 Hermann Hammesfahr, a Prussian- American was awarded the first U.S. patent for fiberglass. 50 years later Games Slater pointed a jet of air at molten glass discovering a way to mass produce fiberglass, making it more available commercially.

Only half of the equation, fiberglass composites need a resin to be rigid and strong. Du Pont, a large American chemical company, patented that first suitable resin in 1936. Just a few years later the predecessor of our modern polyester plastics was developed by Cyanamid in 1942.

With both the fiberglass and resins created Fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP) were put into production. The fiberglass adds rigidity and strength to the polymer resin making it suitable for many manufacturing operations.

The first FRP boat was built in 1937, but was not followed up on due to the brittleness of the resin available at that time. Today, FRP boats are commonplace. Walking down any marina you will see almost nothing but hulls made of FRP. The same goes for many other products: Wastewater tools, enclosures, and buildings are all prime candidates for FRP construction due to their rigidity and resistance to the elements.

Today there are many types of fiberglass and as many types of resins. Each combination has its own unique properties and unique application. Fiberglass can come in mats of cloth that can be laid or in continuous rovings that are chopped and sprayed.

TRACOM uses Jushi type E6-CR glass with POLYLITE® 33283 Series polyester resin standard. A Vinylester resin is available for high temperature applications.