Commercial & Industrial Fiberglass Products

Fiberglass Shelters, Panel & Sun Shades, Control Panel Consoles & Enclosures

TRACOM is the nation’s #1 source for fiberglass products that support general commercial and industrial needs. Whether you need a shelter, shading device, or a specific console or enclosure to protect your equipment, we have what you need. All of our products are constructed with the highest quality possible, ensuring they are weather resistant and durable. In addition to being long-lasting and economical, our fiberglass products are easy to install and require low maintenance.

Some of our general application products include:

FRP Shelters​

To store & protect equipment in extreme weather conditions​

Panel/Sun Shades​

To protect electronics & other devices from rain, snow, & sun​

Control Panel Consoles​

Designed with filter panels for water & wastewater plants​

Equipment Enclosures​

Available in a variety of sizes & models to meet your needs​

FRP Shelters

Used to protect larger equipment year-round in various weather conditions, our fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) shelters ensure your instruments, chemicals, and other equipment is 100% safe from the external environment. Our one-piece, durable shelters are designed for 135 mph wind, 40 PSF snow, and seismic zone 4 loadings. In addition, our shelters are low cost, require low maintenance, and will not decay or rust. Equipped with standard commercial equipment: lighting / HVAC / electrical; or upgrade to equipment appropriate to your application environment, TRACOM shelters provide long-lasting strength against extreme weather conditions. Learn more about our most popular shelters: the Fiberglass Pump Shelter and Chlorine Shelter.

Panel/Sun Shades

By providing shade to uncovered equipment, TRACOM’s fiberglass panels and sun shades protect your electronic devices against weather damage. Without durable and long-lasting coverage, monitoring and electronic equipment like Flow Measurement devices fall suspect torain, snow, and sun damage.

Sun Shades protect equipment from critical weather conditions, but are also used to eliminate glare on viewing monitors.

Panel Shades are different from sun shades in how they create a dry environment for enclosured devices while not harming the electronics that are out in the field.

Control Panel Consoles

Known for being the best in the industry, TRACOM control consoles are self-supporting, firm, and budget-friendly. Additionally, these items serve as precision molded fiberglass instrument cabinets and include filter panels for water and wastewater plants. All control panel consoles are virtually maintenance free, as they are created with molded-in colors that do not peel or fade.

In addition to our standard consoles, TRACOM also offers custom cut consoles for end-user’s buttons, monitors,etc.

TRACOM offers 3 different types of control panel consoles:

  • Table Top Style – provides maximum horizontal surface mounting area
  • Low Breakfront – designed with a raised surface & horizontal mounting surface
  • High Breakfront – provides horizontal mounting surface & more vertical surface mounting

Equipment Enclosures

TRACOM enclosures are good for storing equipment safely from weather and vandalism that have low maintenance requirements and a long product life. Our enclosure products are manufactured with the highest quality possible to ensure your equipment is protected against outside factors, including harsh weather conditions. We provide a variety of sized-to-fit enclosure options that meet your individual needs. Most models include encapsulated 1” polyurethane foam. Choose from portable or free-standing enclosures that are used for storing equipment, refrigerating samples, storm water sampling and more.