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Trapezoidal Flumes

For Low Flow Applications
Trapezoidal flumes were originally designed by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service to measure flows in irrigation channels. Today, however, they are used in a growing number of sanitary and industrial sewer applications with very low flow rates. Trapezoidal flumes are a great solution for low flow instances because they come in various sizes and have several primary advantages.

Trapezoidal Flume Sizes & Options

Trapezoidal flumes are typically available in 10 different sizes based on throat width and geometry. They are an excellent choice where flows vary, the channel is flat, or there are high levels of debris load in the flow stream.

The most common trapezoidal flumes include the following sizes and styles for the recommended flow rates:

Because every wastewater management project is different, TRACOM provides trapezoidal flume options and accessories to make your project most effective. Our trapezoidal flumes can come with the following items:

  • Ultrasonic mounting brackets
  • Bubble tubes
  • Sample tubes
  • Submerged probe cavities
  • Stilling wells (detached)
  • Staff gauges
  • Removable probe holders
  • Inlet and outlet end adapters
  • Pipe stubs
  • Flanged end connections
  • Fiberglass grating
  • Riser boxes
  • Multi-piece construction
  • Chemically resistant gel coat

Trapezoidal Flume Advantages

For low flow applications, trapezoidal flumes are very beneficial. Compared to other flumes, trapezoidal flumes exhibit three main advantages:

Trapezoidal Flume Applications

Trapezoidal flumes are a great option for projects with low flows, such as various sanitary and industrial sewer applications. These types of flumes are typically seen in:

  • Dam Seepage
  • Irrigation Canals
  • Watershed Monitoring
  • Ditch and furrow Flows
  • Monitoring Industrial Discharge
Additional Examples

Trapezoidal flumes can be used in other applications as well. To discuss your specific project and how a trapezoidal flume can help you meet your needs, contact TRACOM today. Our wastewater management and flume specialists have over 30 years of experience in the industry and can answer all of your questions. 

Trapezoidal Flume Technical Details