Fiberglass Manholes

TRACOM is the nation’s top provider for easy to install fiberglass manholes. These products are ideal for quick, simple, below surface flow and grinder applications. Our fiberglass manholes are manufactured to ANSI/ASTM D-3753-81 specifications, ensuring the highest level of quality available.

Each of our prefabricated manholes provide ease of installation, corrosion resistance, watertight construction, and a minimum of downtime during installation. TRACOM offers six main types of fiberglass manholes including:  

Manhole Top Styles

manhole dome top lid

Dome Top

Aluminum Hatch

H-20 Highway Traffic Loading

Prefabricated Manholes: An Integrated Solution

Easily integratable with a choice of flumes and available with several cover options, fiberglass manholes also have other advantages:

  • Integral flume for flow measurement. Simply choose the flume that best fits your flow rates and flow stream composition
  • Choice of cover styles
  • Pipe adapters
  • Fiberglass access ladder with stainless steel reinforced, photoluminescent rungs
  • NPT coupling for wiring and tubing access
  • Integral Floor and base mounting flange
  • Instrument mounting plates and shelves
  • Motorized and non-motorized vents
  • Interior Lighting
  • GFCI electrical outlets
  • Intermediate platforms
  • Additional utility taps