FRP Panel Shade


The key to running a successful water management operation is protecting your necessary equipment. However, most operations are unaware of how equally important it is to safeguard your outdoor instrumentation and electrical panels. Because these tools are exposed to the elements 24/7, protecting them should be your number one concern in making sure they stay operational well into the future, and the best way to secure your most important panels is with a fiberglass panel shade. Discover the importance of protecting your equipment with an FRP panel shade and find out how Tracom can help you find the products you need for your water management operation.

Why Do I Need an FRP Panel Shade?

If you have ever lost uncovered electronics to the weather, then you already know how important it is to provide protection for your instrumentation before it is too late. A fiberglass panel shade or panel sunshade is the best way to provide your equipment, such as outdoor flow meters, the kind of shelter that they need to survive outdoors through all seasons.

The Difference Between Sun Shades and Panel Shades

Many people wonder what the difference is between an FRP panel shade and a sun shade. Actually, the only difference is regarding usage. Regular shelters, like the ISCO panel shade, offer maximum protection from the elements. Sun shades offer all of the regular protection of a panel shade with the additional benefit of reducing glare, making it much easier for you to read and use your outdoor instrumentation. If your uncovered outdoor equipment is already in a shaded area, then a regular panel shade should suffice. However, if your equipment is regularly exposed to direct sunlight, then you might want the added UV protection of a sun shade.

Why Should My Panel Shade Be Fiberglass?

The last thing you should consider before acquiring a panel shade to protect your equipment is the material it will be made from. As with most sheltering solutions, fiberglass panel shades are your best choice. Panel shades made from fiberglass offer superior levels of protection, as fiberglass is one of the strongest materials available. Resistant to weather, impacts and other typical job site stresses, fiberglass panel shades will secure your outdoor equipment no matter the conditions, making them your best protective solution.

Order an FRP Panel Shade for Your Operation

Protecting your uncovered electronics is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your water management operation stays running as smoothly as possible. However, you still need a reliable source to acquire your panel shades from that has a history of working with all types of water management operations. Partner with Tracom to get the high-quality control panel sun shades that you need to protect your most sensitive outdoor instrumentation. Tracom has a long history of offering a broad range of fiberglass products, including panel shades, for all sorts of operations. Contact us today and get the water management tools your business needs to thrive.