Your Guide to Fiberglass Control Panel Consoles

Control panels are essential to every single aspect of wastewater management and water treatment facilities. These are areas where your control and monitoring instruments, equipment and displays are kept, and they’re often enclosed units that are integral to your overall operations. 

Control panel consoles can be found at just about every level of operations, from the control plant to monitoring stations. It’s vital that they provide the level of protection and accessibility you need for your sensitive equipment. Learn about the importance of fiberglass control panel consoles, including how they function and protect your machinery and where you can find the best for your operation. 

Fiberglass Control Panel Consoles

Fiberglass control panel consoles are designed for general use. They include complete filter panels and are not only an economical option for your instruments, but they’re also free-standing and rigidly sturdy. They can come in a range of colors that are molded into the material itself. This means they don’t need to be painted, and the colors won’t fade or peel. These are sturdy consoles that require almost no maintenance and will last for many years. 

A Range of Design Options

Standard consoles can be had in a range of designs to suit many different kinds of use. The most common types of console include tabletop consoles with maximum horizontal space, low breakfront consoles with both a horizontal and vertical surface, providing the best of both worlds, and high breakfront, which offers even more vertical surface. Let’s look at each in a bit more detail. 

Tabletop Consoles

Tabletop consoles allow for the maximum amount of horizontal mounting and workspace. If you have instruments that are large and require a lot of top space to install, this is the optimal choice. This mounting surface is also arranged on an incline, which situates all of your viewing screens, dials and controls at optimal positioning to reach and view. 

Low Breakfront Consoles

Low breakfront consoles feature a horizontal mounting surface for instruments that need it, but they combine this with a raised surface that allows for mounting indicators requiring vertical installation. This provides a little of both for those who need to strike a balance in the kinds of instruments they need to install. In many ways, a low breakfront console is the best of both worlds. 

High Breakfront Consoles

For those who need to maximize vertical installation space, high breakfront consoles are an ideal option. These types of fiberglass control panel consoles still offer a level of horizontal installation surface, but they offer even more upright space for dials, controls, and readouts that work best vertically. 

Customizable Control Consoles

Even better, when you order a fiberglass control console, you’ll be able to customize it to your needs. There are a variety of options and accessories available, including different widths, different options for access doors with gaskets, hinges and other options. There are sub-panels for mounting various equipment and even options for cutouts and finishes. 

If you’d like to explore purchasing fiberglass control panel consoles for your water treatment or wastewater management company, Tracom is ready to help. Look over what we have to offer and give us a call for a quote, to place an order or for answers to your questions today!