An Overview of Packaged Metering Manholes

When you’re running a water management operation, packaged solutions for your flow management and measurement systems are vital to keeping your processes streamlined while still maintaining accurate control and readings. Packaged metering manholes are among the best ways to fulfill these needs, and they offer a massive number of benefits with very few drawbacks. Explore an overview of fiberglass packaged metering manholes, what they do, how they’re used and why they are so important to your operation.

What Is a Packaged Metering Manhole?

Packaged metering manholes, or PMMs, are relatively simple in their design. They use a hydraulic setup such as a flume that is integrated into a composite manhole, creating a sturdy, lightweight structure that is resistant to corrosion and sealed to be completely watertight. They allow the trained user to test water quality, take samples and measure the flow rate through the pipes.

How Is a PMM installed?

The first step in installing your PMM is to determine the proper location for its installation. The site requires easy access to optimal flow conditions. Once the site is selected, it must be excavated so that the sewer line is accessible. A concrete slab is then placed to act as an anchor for the PMM against the flow buoyancy forces. The PMM is then set on the slab and connected to the sewer line. Finally, the PMM is tested and the excavated area refilled so that just the monitoring station is left open.

Benefits of a Fiberglass Packaged Metering Manhole

There are many benefits to fiberglass PMM systems. They are incredibly easy to install because they weigh just 10% of the traditional concrete version. This minimizes the manpower and equipment needed to accomplish the install. Because the PMM doesn’t use seals or joints, you won’t have to worry about leaks in the future. You will also enjoy very low maintenance requirements, a reduced need for inspections and minimized restoration costs if an issue does occur.

Are There Any Downsides?

There are very few downsides to using a fiberglass PMM. Some may view the initial expense as a drawback because PMMs cost more upfront than a traditional concrete setup. That being said, it’s important to note that fiberglass versions will save you so much time, effort and cost in the future that this drawback offsets itself over the years of reliable use you’ll get out of the setup.

Other drawbacks of this setup aren’t much different from any other type of manhole. You will always need to excavate the site where you’re doing the install. So while this may be a downside, it’s something you’ll have to deal with in just about any water management equipment installation, and the work required for a fiberglass piece is, again, far less than that of a concrete one due to its lightweight construction.

Order Your PMM From Tracom

If you’re interested in a fiberglass packaged metering manhole, Tracom is here to fulfill your needs. We offer a range of easy-to-install fiberglass manholes to suit your water management needs. Take a look at our product page, then contact us for a quote or to order yours today!