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parshall flume

Parshall Flumes and How They Work

The Parshall flume has been a popular choice for measuring flows in many areas since they were first produced over 80 years ago. This versatile device can be used to determine water rights, irrigation practices, and even municipal sewage treatment plants all depending on how it’s configured with other devices or instruments! Here are just …

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Measuring Wastewater Flows Underground

Water treatment system operators regularly need to measure the sewage flow in wastewater management and collection systems. Sewage flows are almost always under open channel flow conditions as opposed to through full pipes and are below grade. How this flow can be measured depends largely on whether an existing vault or fiberglass manhole is present. …

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weir box

Everything You Need to Know About Weir Boxes

Weir boxes are one of the most popular solutions for flow measurement needs. They function by incorporating a weir plate to measure flow while the box keeps the overall channel controlled with the proper conditions. Typically, they’re used to measure flows that range anywhere from 10 to 500 gallons per minute (gpm). That’s just the …

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