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Long-Throat Flumes

Flumes are a primary option in almost all flow management operations. They come in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit most systems. The biggest choice to make when it comes to a flume for your system is whether to go with a short-or long-throated version. Both carry advantages, but you’ll need to …

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flow splitting manholes

What You Need To Know About Flow Splitting Manholes

Much of the discourse and planning around flow channels and flow rate measurement is centered on making sure that measurements are precise and that the flow itself is properly controlled. Generally, this involves a flow traveling in a straight line, but there are applications in which the direction needs to be changed. For that, you’ll …

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flume with wing walls

What Are Wing Walls

One of the most important aspects of any flume system is the wing wall set. Flumes are typically narrower than the flow channel they’re set in, so wing walls are designed to direct the flow into the flume properly without any of it bypassing the measurement area. To get the most out of wing walls, …

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