stilling well

Stilling Well Basics

Flumes are among the best options when it comes to taking flow rate measurements under open channel conditions. While flumes can certainly be easy to use and accurate, they do require certain conditions to be met first. While it may be possible to rectify these conditional factors during installation, it’s not always feasible. Fortunately, stilling …

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How to Choose a Flume Style

Flumes are among the best solutions for flow rate measurement efforts, as they offer near-universal compatibility with a wide variety of flow channel conditions. That compatibility is only possible, however, thanks to the variety of different flume styles available. You’ll still have to find the right style for your unique conditions. Learn how to choose …

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How to Spot Submergence

One of the most important factors in a flume’s operation is avoiding submergence. When a flume becomes submerged, all your measurement efforts will be thrown off. You may be thinking that the idea of looking for submergence is fairly easy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean simply checking if the flume is underwater. Learn how to …

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