Protect Your Gear and Tools with Fiberglass

Fiberglass is an incredibly versatile substance. It’s durable, can stand up to just about any environmental conditions, and offers a great means of protecting tools and equipment all year long. Entire shelters and enclosures can be built with fiberglass, so everything is ready right when you need it to be. Check out some ideas for how fiberglass equipment shelters can protect all your gear to keep your operation running at peak efficiency.

Fiberglass Equipment Shelters

Fiberglass shelters are great accessories you can have for your operation. These shelters can be used for a wide range of applications, from storing equipment you use every day to protecting your sensitive instruments from harsh weather conditions from blistering sun to freezing cold. You can even use them for the storage of dangerous chemicals to keep them away from people.

Fiberglass Workspaces

Fiberglass buildings can even provide workshops for your employees, which can help to keep them out of the elements and safely sheltered. They can be designed and built just to your specifications and needs. Whether you need ventilation systems, security, or other features, these buildings can provide a safe, secure workspace that can withstand snow, wind, rain, even earthquakes.

Fiberglass Sun Shades

Fiberglass sun shades can be installed to keep the sun’s rays from damaging your sensitive equipment. They can guard against rain, wind, and UV exposure to keep your electronic equipment secure and functioning exactly as it should. These shades also make it easier to read your equipment by reducing glare from the sun. These shades can be great options if you don’t have room for a full fiberglass building or shelter, but you still need to protect your equipment.

Fiberglass Security Enclosures

Enclosure-200-091-Wood-Creek If you’re more concerned with protecting your equipment from uninvited people and animals, a fiberglass security enclosure can be the ideal choice. These can be had in a wide range of sizes so you can pick the one that best suits your equipment. You can install a fiberglass enclosure, then add locks to keep everything secure and safe from unauthorized people. They tend to be especially good when you need to install equipment somewhere that otherwise might be accessible to the public.

Fiberglass Control Panel Consoles

Control panel consoles are ideal for those working in the industrial and water management sectors. These fiberglass structures are designed to house instruments and can accommodate many different types of electronics and sensitive equipment. They are economical, rigid, and unto themselves require no maintenance outside that you’d need to provide for whatever instruments you install within. They’re resistant to weather, and their color doesn’t fade or peel. These consoles are most often used with filter panels at wastewater and water treatment facilities. They can be had in tabletop, low breakfront, and high breakfront designs for a range of mounting options.

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