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Why Use Fiberglass Enclosures

Though it may seem paradoxical, water treatment and water management instrumentation and equipment can be very fragile and sensitive to damage. That means you need to protect it against the elements as best you can so that you can continue your business. Without a doubt, the best option to shield your important and sensitive instruments and equipment is to use enclosures made from fiberglass. Learn why fiberglass enclosures are durable, versatile and outstanding long-term protection for any sensitive gear and will last for many years to come. 

Durable, Resilient Material

One of the reasons why fiberglass enclosures are such a fantastic option for your equipment is that fiberglass is an incredibly tough and resilient material. It can stand the test of time with very little maintenance, and it’s tough enough to stand up against powerful winds, high heat, ice, rain, snow and just about anything nature has to throw against it.  Fiberglass is also resistant to impacts, meaning it can take a physical pounding as much as it can an elemental one. You can even set up your systems with your choice of ventilation so that they’ll be sure to insulate your equipment against heat and cold as well. 

Fast Setup

Fiberglass is ultra-lightweight and easy to transport. That means that it’s really easy and fast to set up your new enclosure as well. You don’t need to waste days of valuable time getting your enclosure up and protecting your equipment. In fact, these enclosures are pre-fabricated. That means there’s no time wasted on construction, and all you need to do is secure it to the slab. Many can be erected in just a few minutes. 

Tons of Applications

It doesn’t matter what you need, your fiberglass enclosure can fit the bill. These structures can be used to store toxic and volatile chemicals, to provide extra workspace and to store equipment. There are even shelters to protect instruments that are permanently stored outside. Whether you’re looking to increase safety, protect equipment against the elements or just store extra tools and gear, there’s a fiberglass enclosure to take on the job. 

Go Green

Part of water treatment is protecting the environment. Going with a fiberglass enclosure allows you to use a natural material that comes from renewable sources and lasts for decades, so there’s no concern about the need to recycle. Fiberglass is made from glass, which is made from sand, which is everywhere, completely renewable and all-natural. As you move forward with your mission to protect the Earth and its citizens, fiberglass enclosures are a great option to go green. 

Buy Your Fiberglass Enclosures Today

Fiberglass enclosures are outstanding for protecting vital and sensitive instruments and equipment that are so essential for your water management operations. These enclosures are resistant to impact and the elements, they are versatile, and they are convenient for many different applications.  Tracom specializes in providing FRP products like sheds, storage buildings, fiberglass sunshades, and more that will keep you running safely for years to come. Get in touch with Tracom to learn more about the products we offer. Get a quote and place your order today!