Chemical Contact Weirs

When it comes to adding chemicals like chlorine to a water treatment system, it’s crucial to ensure adequate contact time for effective treatment. TRACOM FRP’s Chemical Contact Weirs provide a baffled chamber that allows sufficient time for the chemicals to mix while also enabling flow measurement through a weir plate.

Key Features of Our Chemical Contact Weirs

Custom Sizing: Our chemical contact weirs are custom-sized to fit your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance.

High Durability: Made from high-quality materials, our weirs offer exceptional durability, standing up to the harshest of chemical environments.

Efficient Design: The baffled basin design ensures adequate mixing of chemicals, while the weir plate allows for precise flow measurement.


Municipal Water Management
Chemical contact weirs are essential in municipal water treatment plants where chemicals such as chlorine need to be accurately dosed and mixed.

Mining Industry
In the mining sector, chemical contact weirs are crucial for the treatment of wastewater and other effluents, ensuring that harmful substances are effectively neutralized before being released into the environment.

Food and Beverage Industry
The food and beverage industry often requires precise chemical dosing for processes like disinfection and pH control. Our chemical contact weirs provide the necessary contact time for effective treatment, ensuring the safety and quality of the end product.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chemical Contact Weirs

Chemical contact weirs are ideal for systems requiring precise chemical mixing and flow measurement.

Sediment and other materials can affect the accuracy of the weir plate, altering the flow measurement.