What Are Fiberglass Weir Boxes?

In water management systems, the single most important factor in operations is the ability to get consistent and accurate flow measurements. While there are many tools that can be used to take readings, one of the most important out there is a weir box. These boxes allow for accurate and easy measurements for your operation when employed properly. Learn all about fiberglass weir boxes, how they work and why you need to use them in your water management system business.

What Are Fiberglass Weir Boxes?

Weir boxes, quite simply, are a vital tool for water management operations in open channel systems. They are a tool you can use to direct the open flow so that you can get consistent and accurate measurements. These boxes contain a V-shaped notch at the end of a weir plate. Water passes over the notch, which allows for taking water samples and getting an accurate measurement of the flow.

Weir boxes are vital to your operations because they are very easy to use and simple to implement. This means you’ll get consistent measurements every time. They are ideal for applications with low flow. In short, they offer easy, intuitive use and reliable accuracy.

How Do I Know If I Need a Weir Box?

Whether you need a weir box depends on your operation. Weir boxes might not be optimal for systems with a closed channel flow, and they are not necessarily the best for high-volume systems. They are, however, ideal for systems with low flow and an open channel. In these systems, they give you consistent accuracy.

Why Fiberglass?

While weir boxes can be made from many different materials, fiberglass is an ideal material for many water management applications, including weir boxes. This is because fiberglass is exceptionally tough and able to resist impact, the wear of constant flow and other environmental conditions. A weir box made from fiberglass will last for many years. It will be low-maintenance and deliver consistent accuracy without the need to worry.

Fiberglass is also a green material that’s made from glass, which in turn is made from sand. This means it’s renewable and it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint. Some fiberglass is made from recycled materials, and the fiberglass itself lasts for so long that it rarely needs to be recycled. That means that not only will a fiberglass weir box offer the kind of ease and consistency you desire, but it will also allow you to maintain the environmental consciousness of your operation.

Custom Boxes With Easy Setup

One of the best things about fiberglass weir boxes is that they can be had in a variety of dimensions, with a range of notch sizes from 22.5 degrees to 120 degrees. They include many different options for baffle plates and tubes, sample tubes, gauges, probe holders and more. They also come complete and ready for installation.

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