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Water management systems depend on a lot of different things, but the number one priority is getting an accurate measurement. Depending on what type of system you run, there are many tools at your disposal to help you take accurate, consistent flow measurements.

However, in an open channel system, there is one tool that stands above the rest: a weir box

Weir boxes, particularly those made of fiberglass, are the durable and precise measuring tools that allow your operation to gauge channel flow in the easiest way possible. Keep reading to learn all about weir boxes and find out why you need to employ them in your water management operation.

What Are Weir Boxes for and How Do They Work?

First things first: what is a weir box and how does it work? Simply put, weir boxes are a tool used to direct open channel flow for measurement purposes. A weir box usually contains a weir plate at the end which contains a notch in the shape of the letter ‘v’. Water is forced over the notch in the weir plate and allows you to take accurate measurements, as well as water samples. The biggest advantages of weir boxes are twofold:

  1. Their design is simple and easy to use, allowing for correct measurements time after time.
  2. They are extremely adept in low-flow applications.

Installing a weir box in your open channel flow system provides the type of accuracy and ease of operation you need for success.

Do I Need a Weir Box in My Operation?

The biggest indicator of whether or not you need a weir box has to do with the setup and needs of your operation. For example, weir boxes may not be the best choice for closed channel flow systems or those with high water volume. In open channel, low flow systems, however, weir boxes are the best choice for consistently accurate measurement. Another consideration is durability.

More so than other flow measurement tools, weir boxes are remarkably durable, making them an excellent choice for water management operations located in harsh environments. Really, the only thing that matters when choosing weir boxes for your system is whether or not you want a reliable, accurate measuring tool. If so, weir boxes are right for you.

Are Fiberglass Weir Boxes a Good Choice?

Weir boxes are made from almost as many materials as there are applications for the tool itself.

However, the best material choice when purchasing your weir box is fiberglass.

FRP weir boxes are exceptionally strong and long-lasting, owing to the durability of fiberglass. Fiberglass possesses a tremendous amount of tensile strength and is very good at resisting the elements, which is what makes it the perfect material to construct a weir box from.

Choosing a fiberglass weir box means getting a tool that will serve your operation reliably well into the future.

Order Weir Boxes for Your Operation Today

If you run an open channel flow system, there is no better measuring tool than a weir box. Weir boxes provide the type of reliable measurements that you need to manage your water system efficiently.

To install weir boxes in your water management system, you need to partner with a trusted company that offers high-quality fiberglass water management products, and the company that fits that bill exactly is Tracom. In the vast Tracom catalog, you will find every water management product you need to run a successful operation.

Contact us today to get your weir boxes and any other water management product you might need.

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