Types of Manhole Tops


Manholes are handy additions to any wastewater management system if you’re looking to make the flow channel easily accessible when it’s located underground. The top of the manhole has to be both accessible and convenient for the area it’s located in, so it’s important to consider what kind of manhole top you want to opt for. Here’s everything you need to know about the types of manhole tops.

Domed Top

A domed top is one that is, as the name would suggest, dome-shaped with a slight protrusion upward from the top of the manhole wall. This is the standard type of top applicable to most situations, as the domed design allows it to be reinforced for both durability and safety. That kind of dual advantage makes it a hard option to pass up if your manhole can be adequately outfitted with it.

To facilitate both durability and safety, a domed top can be outfitted with several advanced features. A fail-open gas strut works to keep operators safe by making the manhole easy to open from the inside, preventing anyone from getting trapped within. The reinforced top is also rated to handle heavy loads, including vehicular loads, though these tops shouldn’t be used in areas that experience extensive vehicular activity.

Aluminum Top

While aluminum tops aren’t the most popular kind of manhole cover, they can still get the job done if you’re looking for a cover that offers a wide opening. The primary benefit to this kind of manhole cover is that it offers plenty of room for workers to get in and out, which is useful if the manhole itself experiences high traffic.

These covers are useful for creating large openings, but they’re not so useful when it comes to bearing the weight of a vehicle. These tops are fairly cost-effective, and they’re best used in pedestrian areas with no vehicle traffic. They don’t protrude out from the manhole, so people on foot can easily walk across them without noticing any meaningful change in the ground. 

Traffic Reducer Top

For high traffic areas with extensive vehicular activity, a traffic reducer top is really your only option. These tops are specially crafted to offer substantial protection against the weight of vehicles without compromising the road in any way or posing a danger to the vehicles themselves. 

This type of manhole top functions well thanks to several parts all working together. The cover itself is sturdy, but it’s only capable of withstanding the weight of vehicles based on how it fits within the grade rings and frame. With several levels of reinforcement keeping the manhole cover solid and in place, you can place one of these in a heavy traffic area with confidence.

Metered Manholes From Tracom

Now that you know the different types of manhole covers, it’s time to get one of your own. At Tracom, our team will work with you to craft the ultimate custom manhole that will help with all your wastewater flow rate needs. Contact us today to get started!