Why is Ventilation Important in Fiberglass Shelters?

Fiberglass shelters are one of the most important tools for any water management operation. These structures protect your most sensitive equipment, protecting it from the type of damage that can cost you expensive repair costs.

However, depending on your operation type, it is possible that you need a shelter that offers both superior protection and options to control ventilation. Properly ventilating your shelters is important for a number of reasons and all of them contribute to running a successful water management system.

Read on to learn why your system needs fiberglass shelter ventilation and discover how to get these items for your business.

Create a Safer Working in Environment

The biggest benefit of using controlled ventilation in your fiberglass shelters is promoting worker safety. Unventilated fiberglass enclosures tend to be extremely hot, not to mention having poor air circulation, which can add up to a distinctly unsafe work environment. Installing a ventilation system, whether passive or active, will help to ensure that your workers are safe and comfortable no matter the season.

Not only will this make for much happier employees, but it will also lead to a much more productive water management operation. Fiberglass shelter ventilation is the number one way to keep your water workers safe.

Protect Your Sensitive Equipment from Heat Damage

A lot of the equipment most necessary to water management has a tendency to heat up when running at full capacity, and this heating is only compounded when it is inside a fiberglass enclosure.

Add in the external heat of the summer and you have got a serious problem on your hands. Fiberglass shelter ventilation is beneficial because it allows you to control the airflow within your shelter, managing the temperature and keeping your equipment as cool as possible.

When you can keep your fiberglass shelter at a reasonable temperature, it will help stave off the kind of overheating that leads to extensive damage, saving your money operation on repairs costs and avoiding unnecessary work interruptions.

Secure Sensitive Materials in a Controlled Environment

One of the most typical uses for a fiberglass shelter is the storing of volatile chemicals, as in a chlorine building. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals result in noxious, sometimes toxic, fumes that must be prevented from leaking or released in a controlled manner.

Full-control ventilation systems will allow you to control completely how much air goes into or comes out of your shelter, which is of particular importance when your water operation employs sensitive chemicals like chlorine. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it also provides a high level of safety that is of utmost importance when working in water management.

Get Fiberglass Shelter Ventilation Solutions for Your Operation

No matter what materials or equipment you are storing in your fiberglass shelter, installing a ventilation system is a good idea. Ventilation promotes worker safety, protects your precious equipment and allows you to handle potent chemicals in the proper manner.

Learn more about our types of shelter ventilation today by working with Tracom.

Tracom provides a broad range of products for water management operations, including fiberglass shelters and ventilation systems, and can outfit your operation with whatever equipment you need.

Request a quote from Tracom today to stock your water management system with the best fiberglass products available.

Andrew Helbling

Andrew Helbling is the Product Specialist at Tracom, where he works with engineers, contractors, and product owners alike to assess and select the best open channel flow and general-purpose fiberglass products for their application. Andrew is passionate about clean water and helping operators and engineers provide the cleanest water possible.

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