Fiberglass Tools to Protect Your Equipment

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Whatever your industry, it’s likely that you’ve invested a great deal of money into your equipment, which means you need a solution for keeping your equipment safe, so it’s always ready to use when needed. Fortunately, a variety of fiberglass shelters and enclosures can keep your valuable equipment safe and sound, so your organization can succeed the way that you want and need. You can use a few different fiberglass tools to protect your equipment if you’re worried about equipment protection.

Fiberglass Equipment and Storage Shelters

A fiberglass equipment and storage shelter is one of the most useful tools that you can install in your operation. You can use your shelter to store equipment that you use on a day-to-day basis, shield your sensitive instrumentation from the elements and even store dangerous chemicals. Fiberglass shelters also provide a convenient workspace for your employees.

One of the best things about fiberglass shelters is that they can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. For example, if you plan to use your shelter to store and work with chemicals, you can add manual or automatic ventilation to your shelter to keep your workers safe. These shelters can also stand up to the toughest situations imaginable, including high wind, heavy snow and seismic activity.

Sun and Panel Shades

If you have equipment that you absolutely must install outdoors, you want to be sure your equipment is shielded from the elements, while easily accessible to your employees. Fortunately, you can fulfill both of these qualifications by installing fiberglass sun shades and panel shades.

Sun shades and panel shades overhang your outdoor electronic equipment so that it is protected from the elements. These shades are effective against UV exposure, rain and wind. These shades can also reduce glare on your equipment, which makes reading electronics such as flow measuring devices much easier. Installing panel and sun shades are effective solutions for operations that need to protect valuable equipment but may not have the room for a fiberglass shelter.

Fiberglass Enclosure

If you’re mostly concerned with security, meaning preventing others from accessing your company’s equipment, then investing in a fiberglass enclosure can be a great choice. Fiberglass enclosures are available in a wide variety of sizes, so you won’t have any trouble finding an option that will fit your equipment. Once installed, you’ll be able to lock your enclosure to prevent unauthorized access. These enclosures are the perfect solution for organizations whose equipment is installed in areas that are easily accessible to the public.

Protect Your Equipment with Fiberglass

As you can see, a wide range of fiberglass tools will provide you superior protection for your operation’s important equipment. If you want to invest in a fiberglass shelter, sun/panel shade, or enclosure, then you should shop with Tracom, FRP.

Tracom is your go-to resource for fiberglass products, and in addition to shelters and enclosures, we offer flow management tools made from fiberglass such as flumes and weir boxes. Contact one of our representatives today so that you can get the tools that you need.

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