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Since 1986, TRACOM has been partnering with companies across the nation. We create and install fiberglass products for wastewater management and other industrial and construction projects. Our goal is to become the #1 trusted source for durable fiberglass products, and each day we are one step closer. Our dedication to quality, our wide variety of products, and our customizable product options make us a top choice among the industry.

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One of our customers’ favorite parts of working with TRACOM is our wide selection of fiberglass products. We believe as a top fiberglass product company, it is imperative to provide and install the necessary products for each of the projects your business needs. This is why we offer multi-purpose consoles and shelters, fiberglass flumes, manholes, other products and accessories.

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Searching for Additional Fiberglass Product Information? Looking for the latest information on fiberglass products? Read our recent blog articles below. With over 30 years of professional experience, TRACOM is your source for fiberglass products. Feel free to browse our website for specific product information or to call 877-435-8637 for any questions you have.
weir box
Weir Boxes

How to Measure with a Weir

Flumes and weirs are your best options when it comes to flow rate measurement, but weirs can be harder to use if you don’t know …

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plamer bowlus

Downsides of a Palmer-Bowlus Flume

When you’re determining what the best kind of flume for your needs is, you may consider the Palmer-Bowlus flume. While this design can be perfect …

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parshall flume manhole

Benefits Fiberglass Parshall Flumes

Parshall flumes are the most popular style of flume in the world. While they’re not universally applicable to every single situation, they’re pretty close. Even …

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packaged metering manholes

Benefits of Trapezoidal Flumes for Industrial Pretreatment

If you’re looking for a way to measure flow rate in industrial pretreatment discharges, there’s one kind of flume that tends to stand out among …

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ultrasonic bracket
Flow Management

Bubblers vs Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Flumes and weirs are excellent in offering opportunities for flow rate measurement, but you’ll need special tools to actually take the measurements, even when everything …

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weir box

How Thin Plate Weirs Work

When you’re looking for an accurate way to measure open channel flows, one of the best options is a thin plate weir. These handy devices …

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