Weir Boxes

weir box

Limits Weir Accuracy

Weir boxes are among the best options for flow rate measurement for certain kinds of flows. Typically low flows, they can offer the kind of pinpoint accuracy that the vast majority of flumes can’t hope to match. This isn’t always the case, however, and it’s important to know just how far the accuracy of a

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weir box

Weir Vocabulary

When you’re looking to install a weir to use for your open flow channel, it’s helpful to learn all the lingo first. Weirs can be complicated if you’re a beginner, but if you learn the most essential definitions first, it’s easy to figure out what to do and how to make the most of your

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Popular Weir Types

When you’re looking to install a weir box in your open channel flow, you have plenty of styles to choose from. Each of these styles has something interesting to offer, but only one can be the best fit for your unique conditions. Take a look at the most popular weir types, and discover the advantages

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