Weir Boxes

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Weirs Flumes

When you’re looking to measure open channel flow rate, there are two basic devices you can choose from. Both weirs and flumes can work for certain flow conditions, but there is no universal choice that’s best for everyone. You’ll have to examine the offerings of both to determine what’s best for you. Here’s everything you

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Everything You Need to Know About Weir Boxes

Weir boxes are one of the most popular solutions for flow measurement needs. They function by incorporating a weir plate to measure flow while the box keeps the overall channel controlled with the proper conditions. Typically, they’re used to measure flows that range anywhere from 10 to 500 gallons per minute (gpm). That’s just the

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weir box

Proper Weir Design Tips

In outdoor applications where you need to accurately measure flow, there’s almost no better tool than a weir. Although not quite as popular as flumes, weirs are still an effective solution for managing and measuring flow, particularly when your weir has been properly designed and you take care in the installation process. Before you decide

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