Why Use Palmer-Bowlus Flumes For Water Management

Picking the right flume type for management systems is a very important choice. You need a flume that fits your operation’s needs while giving you accurate measurements and lasting well into the future. Although there are many different flume types you could choose from, the best choice you could make is to install a Palmer-Bowlus flume. Palmer-Bowlus flumes have an eight-decade history of success and are one of the most common flume types in water management systems across the country.

Discover more information about Palmer-Bowlus flumes and find out how you can install this flume type in your water management operation.

Palmer-Bowlus Flumes Fit a Number of Applications

Primary on the list of benefits of using Palmer-Bowlus flumes in your water system is variety. Unlike some static flume options, Palmer-Bowlus flumes are available in five distinct types that make them suitable for a number of different systems.

The five types of Palmer-Bowlus flumes are: Permanent style with integral approach, short section style with integral approach, permanent style without approach, insert style and cutback style.

As you can see, Palmer-Bowlus flumes are so beneficial because they offer end-users an extremely wide range of choice, which is integral when you are trying to select the right flume type for your water system.

They Can Be Made of a Variety of Materials

Along the same line as the massive style choices offered by the Palmer-Bowlus flumes, these flumes can also be made of various materials depending on your preference.

The construction materials that Palmer-Bowlus flumes can be made from include PVC, stainless steel and fiberglass.

Even though all three of these materials have their distinct strengths and weaknesses, the overall best material choice is fiberglass.

FRP Palmer-Bowlus flumes offer a superior level of strength and longevity that the other material choices simply cannot match. For a wide range of material choices, nothing beats a Palmer-Bowlus flume.

Accessorize Your Flume to Increase their Usefulness

One of the issues that go into a premier flume type is its ability to be outfitted with some useful accessories, which is another area where the Palmer-Bowlus flume truly shines. Palmer-Bowlus flumes can be equipped with a broad range of useful accessories to help you get the most out of this flume type.

One of the most typical accessories for a Palmer-Bowlus flume is a bulkhead, although many operations also outfit these flumes with staff gauges, stilling wells and ultrasonic sensor brackets. They are also able to be fully customized with such items as enclosures and riser boxes.

Choosing the Palmer-Bowlus flume means to be able to use some of the best accessories on the market.

Purchase a Palmer-Bowlus Flume for Your Operation

There are a significant number of flume types that you could choose in your water management operation, but the one that offers the most utilities is the Palmer-Bowlus flume.

Offering a wide range of variety in both construction style and material choice, as well as a number of high-quality accessories, Palmer-Bowlus flumes are the number one choice for water management operations across the country.

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