What are The Advantages of a Trapezoidal Flume?

Like any operation, running a water management operation successfully depends on having the right equipment. For water management, one of the most important equipment choices you could make is what type of flume to use. Flume types run in all shapes and sizes, so it can be very daunting to pick the right flume for your operation. While all flumes have their advantages, trapezoidal flumes have more than most owing to their unique design and versatility. Learn about the advantages of using trapezoidal flumes and find out how you can employ this flume type in your water management operation.

Trap Flumes Are Suitable for Multiple Flow Types

The design of trapezoidal flumes is unique. Possessing a flat bottom and becoming wider as the flume opens to the top, trap flumes are suitable for almost any type of flow you could imagine. They are most typically used for applications where flow level is not always predictable, such as irrigation or agriculture.

The unique trapezoidal shape allows these flumes to easily handle every flow type imaginable, from the very low to the extremely heavy, making them an excellent choice for almost any system around. Versatility is probably the biggest advantage of using trapezoidal flumes in your water management operation.


Trap Flumes Have the Ability to Be Retrofitted

When choosing the right flume for your water system, ease and cost of installation is probably front and center in your mind. If your water system has existing channels, then there is no better choice than a trap flume. Unlike other flume types which must be constructed or installed at the genesis of an operation, trap flumes are easily retrofitted to systems with already present water channels.

This comes with two distinct advantages: It shortens installation time, and it costs considerably less. Both of these factors make trap flumes an excellent choice for operations looking for flumes to install in older water channels.


Trap Flumes Are Self-Maintaining

One of the biggest hassles of other types of flumes is their maintenance levels. Most flume types have trouble handling sediment and debris, making them costly in both time and money to operate and maintain.

Thanks to their flat floors, trapezoidal flumes do not have this problem—particularly when you choose an extra-large trapezoidal flume. The flat floors promote easy water flow, even when the flow contains large debris.

Regarding cost, this makes trap flumes one of the best flume types around because it keeps itself clear and can be left alone to operate without any needed oversight. When you care about low maintenance costs in your operation, trap flumes are for you.


Purchase a Trapezoidal Flume for Your System

Whether your operation handles stream gauging, irrigation study or other applications, trapezoidal flumes are an excellent choice. With an exceptionally unique, functional design, tap flumes are a good choice for any water management operation that values versatility, ease of operation and low cost. The easiest way to install trapezoidal flumes in your water management system is by requesting a quote from Tracom. Tracom is a company dedicated to providing the best fiberglass water management products to operations across the country. Get in touch with Tracom today to get access to the best fiberglass products available.

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