Reasons to Use Fiberglass in Your Water System

When you’re shopping for tools for your water management system, you want to make sure that they are manufactured with the most durable, versatile materials available. Whether you need a flume, a weir or some other flow management tool, there are a variety of construction materials for you to choose from, all of them with their own benefits. However, perhaps the most useful material is one that you might not know about, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics.

FRP products are some of the most useful on the market, providing you several benefits that you need to be aware of. Read about the advantages of fiberglass reinforced plastics and find out why you need fiberglass water management products in your system.

Fiberglass is Lightweight

One of the primary benefits of choosing fiberglass products for your water management system is the lightweight nature of this material. Fiberglass is one of the most lightweight substances that there is, which provides several advantages.

First, being so lightweight makes fiberglass products much less cumbersome and a good deal easier to install. Also, because of its low weight, fiberglass equipment will lower your costs because you won’t need expensive equipment to move it around.

Resists Corrosion

If you’re water management system deals in wastewater, then there is always the risk that your flow management tools will suffer corrosion over time. If corrosion is a risk, then you need to think about using FRP water management products.

Unlike other construction materials that you could choose, even steel, fiberglass is particularly adept at resisting corrosion. The resins used to create fiberglass work to counteract the oxidization risk of many corrosive materials, which means that your water management tools will last well into the future when they’re made for fiberglass.


High Strength and Low Maintenance

Even if your water management operation doesn’t use corrosive materials, there is always the risk of wear and tear over time, whether from weather damage or simply everyday usage. Making sure you get the full lifespan of your water management tools is easy when you choose fiberglass.

Fiberglass is one of the most surprisingly strong materials that there is, which allows it to hold up under even the most intense situations. Additionally, because of its durability, fiberglass is very low maintenance, which is very useful in busy water management systems where operators don’t have time for regular maintenance checks.


Fiberglass is a very pliable material, and can be molded in a wide variety of shapes. This makes fiberglass the ideal construction materials for flumes and weirs meant for unusually shaped channels. For example, if your system is primarily comprised of natural channels, fiberglass can be a great choice because you can shape your flow management tools in the specific shape of your channels.

Versatility is yet another reason to use fiberglass water management products.


Choose Fiberglass Water Management Products

For water management systems, the premier material choice for every tool that you need. Find the right fiberglass water management products for your system by browsing the Tracom, FRP catalogue.

Tracom produces and offers flumes, weirs and many other products made from fiberglass reinforced plastics, and we are enthusiastic about working with you. Contact Tracom today to learn more about high-quality FRP products.

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