Like any task related to water management, measuring free spilling flow out of pipes successfully requires having the right tools at your disposal. While there are many methods for measuring free spilling pipe flow, such as the California method, the one that offers you the highest level of accuracy is equipping your pipe with an H-flume.

H-flumes are able to manage and measure free spilling pipe flow better than almost any device that there is, which makes it important that you learn more about this solution. Learn about measuring free spilling pipe flow with H-flumes and find out how you can get the best water management tools available.


Limitations of the California Pipe Method

In most water management systems that measure free spilling pipe, the California method is the standard measurement solution. In the California method, the pipe itself does the measurement, making this option very simple. However, there are some limitation of the California method that you should be aware of.

First, for the method to work successfully, your pipe must be completely level. The flow must be partly full and can freely spill. If you can’t meet these requirements, then the California method isn’t the right choice for you. Also, the California method is not as accurate as other measuring solutions.

Why H-Flumes are a Better Choice

If you’re looking for an increased level of accuracy in your free spilling pipe flow measurement, then you need to strongly consider using an H-flume. The big advantage of using an H-flume for pipe flows is that it can be constructed to match the flow rate and not the pipe, which leads to a higher level of efficiency.

With H-flume, your pipe flow is measured within the flume before it spills off of the edge. This makes H-flumes a much more accurate flow measuring solution than the California method. Choosing an H-flume allows you to effectively and accurately measure your free spilling pipe flow.

Factors to be Aware Of

Before installing an H-flume to measure your free spilling pipe flow, you need to learn about a few of the drawbacks of this solution. All of the weaknesses of using an H-flume to measure pipe flow have to do with installation.

First, you will need to have extra space at the end of your pipe to accommodate the flume, which may not be available in all water systems. Secondly, when installing an H-flume, you will need to add an extra support device to make sure your flume is firmly secured to your pipe. However, despite these issues, an H-flume is still the best choice to measure your system’s free spilling pipe flow.

Install an H-Flume for Your Free Spilling Pipe

When it comes to measuring free spilling pipe flow as accurately as possible, there is no better tool available than an H-flume. If you’re interested in installing an H-flume to measure the pipe flow in your water management system, then you need to start working with Tracom, FRP today.

Tracom is a producer of fiberglass water management products, and we can help you find the right size H-flume to successfully measure your free spilling pipe flow. Get a quote from Tracom and start using high-quality H-flumes.