What Flumes Are Right for Sewage Flows?

cutthroat flume

One of the most common forms of water management system across the country are those that deal with sewage. Monitoring sewage flow is an incredibly important job, and one that can’t be done correctly without the right tools. For most sewage monitoring operations, the number one flow management tool is a flume. However, how do you know which type of flume is the right choice for your sewage operation?

Fortunately, there are several different flume types that are perfect for measuring sewer flows, which means you need to examine each type. Here is some quick and easy information to help you select the perfect sewage flume to measure your flows and bring your operation high levels of success.

Cutthroat Flumes

One of the newest choices for operations looking to monitor and manage sewage flow is the excellent Cutthroat flume. This flume type comes with several distinct advantages that make it an ideal choice for any sewer system.

For example, the Cutthroat flume is every effective at passing solids, which is an ever-present concern when it comes to sewage flow. In addition, these flumes can be easily corrected for submergence and are easy to use for operators of most skill levels.

Parshall Flumes

A popular choice of flume no matter the needs of your water system is the Parshall flume. The Parshall flume is built for accuracy, and will help you take the consistent sewage flow measurements that lead to a successful operation.

The Parshall flume comes with a number of strengths that make it perfect for managing sewage flow. First, head/flow rate are extremely easy to determine with this flume type. Second, Parshall flume calculations are already programmed into common flow meters. Finally, Parshall flumes can be integrated with a packaged metering manhole for optimum efficiency.

Palmer-Bowlus Flumes

Perhaps the best type of sewage flume to choose is one you’re probably very familiar with: The Palmer-Bowlus flumes. Palmer-Bowlus flumes are the only flume type that has been intentionally designed for use in sewage and sanitary systems, meaning it has all the characteristics you need for measuring your flow.

A Palmer-Bowlus flume has no designated point of measurement, which means you can take readings virtually anywhere and get accurate measurements. Additionally, these flumes can be had in shorter sizes if installation space is at a premium. They are also self-cleaning for most flow rates and can be produced at various dimensions.

Find the Right Sewage Flume for Your Operation

Because managing sewage flow is such a consequential task, it’s important that your sanitary operation uses the most reliable and accurate tools available. Luckily, as we have seen, there are several amazing flume options that will help you manage and manage your flow and maintain a high level of success for your operation. Purchase an excellent sewage flume today by working with a dependable water product manufacturer like Tracom, FRP.

Tracom produces a wide range of fiberglass flumes, including Cutthroat, Parshall and Palmer-Bowlus and we would be happy to help you choose the right product for your sewage system. Ask a Tracom representative today about how we can work with your operation.