Benefits of Trapezoidal Flumes


You’ll find no shortage of flume types in your quest to find the perfect fit for your unique flow channel conditions. While all sorts of options can work, there’s something special about the trapezoidal flume. It’s more modern than many other styles, yet its utility comes with an array of advantages. Learn all about the benefits of trapezoidal flumes, and discover what one could offer your flow rate measurement efforts.

Easy Retrofitting

When you imagine a natural creek or stream, they generally take on a trapezoidal shape naturally. Water will gradually wear down dirt and earth or travel through paths that are already worn down. The top edges of these valleys aren’t going to be perfect right angles, so more-slanted slopes are going to be inherent. Trapezoidal flumes share this general design, so they fit more naturally into flow channels like these. While they are certainly convenient for installation purposes in terms of labor, they also cut the costs of excavation.

Accuracy Across Various Flow Ranges

Some flumes are specialized for certain kinds of flows. Weir boxes are used almost entirely for low-velocity flows. With a trapezoidal flume, however, you can accurately measure a wide range of flow rates including low flows and surge flows. You’ll have to adjust the change in head in response to changes in depth, but the equation and design allow for accuracy either way. Typically, this accuracy is around +/- 3%-5%.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is a natural part of just about any wastewater solution device, but trapezoidal flumes are largely self-cleaning. The bottom is flat, so there’s no place for any sediment to settle or build up. With the slanted walls, even large debris can simply pass over the flume in many cases, and it’s especially easy with a higher flow rate. While debris can sometimes get lodged within the flume itself, it doesn’t tend to stay lodged for very long. Instead of having to be removed manually, the piling up of water behind the debris will often dislodge it on its own.

Varied Application

Some flumes are typically only used for a certain kind of flow channel. Trapezoidal flumes, on the other hand, can be applied to a wide variety of scenarios including irrigation, industrial discharge, dam seepage and more. The varied application of the Trapezoidal flume is largely due to its numerous available styles and sizes. They all have flat bottoms, converging throats and sloping walls, but other details can be altered as needed, provided that the equations still work.

Trapezoidal Flumes From Tracom

If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of trapezoidal flumes for yourself, Tracom is happy to help. Our team will work with you to custom design a trapezoidal flume that fits your unique flow channel conditions. Our fiberglass construction process allows uncommon designs to be crafted easily with exact specifications. Plus, our support team will help you every step of the way, ensuring that you get the quality you deserve. Contact us today to get started!