What are The Applications of Different Parshall Flume Sizes?

Flumes are available in several different styles, but the most popular style of flume by far is the Parshall flume. Not only are these flumes very easy to use and understood by most operators, but they are also extremely accurate, which is of the utmost importance when you’re choosing a flow measurement device.

An interesting fact about Parshall flumes that you may not know is that they are available in a wide range of sizes, with specific sizes meant for specific flow management applications. Here are a few of the different Parshall flume sizes, their intended applications and other important information that you should know.

6-Inch Parshall Flume

The 6-inch Parshall flume is one of the first sizes of this flume ever developed, and despite its small size, it is fully capable of measuring flow in a wide variety of settings. For instance, this small flume is perfectly capable of measuring small outdoor flows such as in a stream or creek, which is why it’s commonly used for water rights measurement.

While you might not believe it, the 6-inch Parshall flume can also be used in some industrial settings. For example, you can sometimes find one of these flumes in wastewater treatment plants, and they can also be used to monitor industrial pre-treatment.

18-Inch Parshall Flume

While the 6-inch Parshall flume can be found in wastewater treatment plants in some circumstances, it’s much more common for these operations to employ the 18-inch Parshall flume. The reason for this is that the 18-inch flume is much more adept at handling high flow volumes, which means it’s suitable for larger industrial operations.

Like its smaller counterpart, the 18-inch Parshall flume can also easily be employed for measuring outdoor flows. Because of its larger size, however, this flume can also measure flows from springs in addition to creeks and streams.

60-Inch Parshall Flume

If you need to measure very high-volume flows, then your best bet is likely the 60-inch Parshall flume. One of the largest flumes you can purchase, the 60-inch flume is suitable for several applications and will make measuring heavy flows easy.

In many cases, you will see this large flume used to measure flows in outdoor settings. For example, you could install one of these flumes in a canal for the purpose of apportioning water rights, and it’s also possible to use one of these flumes to measure river flows. Like all of the flumes mentioned on this list, the 60-inch flume is available with several accessories, including wing walls that can help direct flow into the flume.

Buy a Flume

As you can see, there are a number of different Parshall flume sizes, all of which have a specific purpose. If you’re interested in purchasing a flume, regardless of the size that you need, Tracom, FRP is your top resource.

In the Tracom catalog, you’ll find different sizes and styles of flumes, and our experienced team would be glad to talk with you and help you choose the device that fits your application. Get in touch with us today so that we can provide you with a quote and more information about our flumes.