Why the Palmer-Bowlus Flume Is a Great Long-Throated Flume

If you’re looking for a long-throated flume to meet your flow management needs, look no further than the Palmer-Bowlus flume. Thanks to this flume’s signature design, you should have no issue getting accurate flow measurements, and because there are five different variations of this flume, it can fit in any number of applications. Here are a few of the many reasons that the Palmer-Bowlus is one of the best long-throated flumes available that every flow operator should keep in mind.

Measuring Difficult Flows

One of the issues that make the Palmer-Bowlus flume different from other devices is that it was designed with a specific flow type in mind: sanitary sewage. Because of the solid materials involved, measuring sanitary flow is extremely difficult with most flume styles, but not with the Palmer-Bowlus flume.

You will commonly find this style flume in industrial pre-treatment operations, but that isn’t its only application. For instance, these flumes make a great choice if you need to monitor dam seepage, and they are also suitable for managing spring discharge and for measuring flows in sewage treatment plants. While Palmer-Bowlus flumes can be installed on their own, they can also easily be incorporated into a packaged metering manhole if this better fits the needs of your operation.

Versatile Design

A Palmer-Bowlus flume, like all long-throated flumes, is designed to accelerate flow to a supercritical state so that accurate flow readings can be recorded. That said, there are some differences in this style of flume that must be considered.

Palmer-Bowlus flumes accelerate flow using two different mechanisms. First, there is a change in elevation of the floor of the flume at the ramp section. Second, as the floor elevates, the sidewalls constrict vertically. Luckily, there is no need to account for the change in elevation because both the outlet and inlet are the same level.

Accessorizing Your Flume

Every flow management operation has different needs, and because the Palmer-Bowlus flume is available with a number of accessories, you should have no problem making sure it fits your system. For example, if the flow in your system is turbulent, you can add a flow conditioner to your flume to guarantee the accuracy of your readings.

Speaking of flow readings, it’s also possible to add a flow meter mount to your flume so that your measurement device is always accessible. Extended sidewalls are the only flume accessory not available with one of these flumes, as they would impact the operating range of the device.

Get a Flume

Clearly, the Palmer-Bowlus is one of the best long-throated flumes on the market today. Whatever your flow management needs, this device is more than ready for the task. Get your Palmer-Bowlus flume today by working with the team at Tracom, FRP.

At Tracom, we specialize in fiberglass flow products, including a great selection of flumes in different styles. Our devices are durable, affordable and accurate, and our team is here to help you make sure you choose the right tool for your system. Contact us today so that we can tell you all about our flumes and give you a quote.