Why Parshall Flumes are The Most Popular Device for Flow Management

When you’re doing research to try and help you choose a primary device for your flow management operation, it’s likely that you’ll see the Parshall flume over and over again. The reason for this is very simple: The Parshall flume is one of the most dependable, accurate devices you could ask for.

For several different reasons, this style of flume is popular with both large and small flow management operations, and once you know more about this device, it should be clear why it’s your go-to choice for managing and measuring flow. Here are some of the reasons the Parshall flume is one of the most popular flow management devices on the market today.

Standardized Design

Standardization is one of the main reasons that the Parshall flume is such a popular tool for flow management operations. Not only is the design of the device standardized, so are the flow characteristics.

In simple terms, this means that Parshall flumes can be installed in almost all applications with minimal effort. Standardization also means that you can easily purchase your flume off the shelf and know that it will function the way that you expect.

Great Selection of Accessories

Availability of accessories is another reason that the Parshall flume is one of the most popular flow management devices available today. Whatever your operational needs, there is a flume accessory that will suit them perfectly, making it easier for you to take accurate flow readings in your device.

For example, flow entering your Parshall flume must be in a subcritical state for the device to function correctly. If the flow in your system isn’t naturally in such a state, you can equip your flume with a flow conditioner that will create the correct velocity profile so that your readings will be accurate. Other accessories available for these flumes include wing walls, end adapters and meter mounts.

Easy Usage

When you’re choosing a flow management device for your operation, a key factor is making sure that your operators will be able to use them effectively. In this regard, there is almost no better choice than a Parshall flume.

Because these devices are in such wide use, it’s likely that your operators will already know how to use them to take flow readings. Operator familiarity means you should not need to use your valuable time and resources on training before being able to take readings. Additionally, because your operators will already know how to use the flume, they should also be familiar with maintenance procedures, meaning they’ll be able to keep your device running.

Invest in a Parshall Flume

Now that you know why the Parshall flume is one of the most popular flow management devices, you may be ready to install this flume in your system. If so, there’s no more convenient solution for purchasing your flume than working with Tracom, FRP.

We are your No. 1 resource for flow management devices constructed with durable fiberglass, and we have the experience necessary to help you pick your perfect flume. Contact Tracom today to get answers to your flow management questions or to request a Parshall flume quote.