What are some Ways to Improve Your Packaged Metering Manhole?

A packaged metering manhole is one of the most versatile tools you could choose to measure and manage flow. While one of these manholes is a very useful tool on its own, there are also several ways that you can improve the utility of your manhole so that you’ll see consistent success. Learn about some different accessories you can use to improve the functionality of your packaged metering manhole.

Picking the Right Top

One of the great things about packaged metering manholes is that they can be customized and accessorized in several different ways. For example, there are multiple available top styles, meaning you’ll be able to pick the option that best fits your applications.

A domed fiberglass top is the most common top you’ll find on packaged metering manholes in areas where vehicle traffic isn’t a concern. Domed fiberglass manholes provide easy access to the interior of the manhole and are also very durable.

If your manhole will be exposed to pedestrian traffic, you may want to choose an aluminum cover for your manhole. An aluminum cover will allow pedestrians to safely walk across the manhole and will also provide your operators with quick access whenever necessary.

Flow Management Tools

The benefit of a packaged metering manhole is that it incorporates everything that you need to take accurate flow readings, including your flow management device. So, whichever type of device fits the needs of your application, you’ll be able to install it in your manhole.

For example, Parshall flumes are among the best flow management tools, and they are also frequently found in these manholes. You can also install different styles of flumes, and you can even equip your manhole with weirs in certain circumstances. Other metering and measuring devices you can add to your manhole include Venturi tubes and mag meters.

Other Ways to Accessorize Your Manhole

If you want to improve the utility of your manhole even further, there are a number of available accessories that you can add. In addition to boosting the utility of your manhole, these accessories can make your operators’ jobs a lot easier.

In some applications, for instance, you may want to add ventilation to your manhole to make sure that your operators will be safe. If you’ll need to store equipment within your manhole, you can add mounting. You can add benches to the bottom of your manhole so that your operators will have somewhere to stand while they’re taking flow readings, and you can also add nonslip surfaces to the manhole so that entering and exiting will be safer. Finally, you can equip your manhole with lighting so that your flow measuring device and meters are easier to see.

Invest in a Manhole

As you can see, there are several ways you can accessorize your packaged metering manhole, which is why purchasing one of these tools is a great choice, especially when you shop with Tracom, FRP. We are your No. 1  source for fiberglass flow management tools, and we are proud to offer fiberglass manholes in several different styles. Contact us today to learn more about our manholes and other dependable products.