Flume Advantages That Every Open Channel Flow Operation Should Know

Parshall Flumes

In an open channel flow operation, nothing is more important than choosing the right flow management device, and in almost every case, a flume is your best choice. You can find flumes in a wide variety of applications, and for very good reason: They just work.

While you may have some familiarity with flumes, it’s also possible that you don’t know the many different advantages of these devices. After learning about some of the biggest benefits of flumes, it will be easy to see why this versatile flow management device is the right choice for your operation.

Flow Rate Versatility

While it would be nice if the flow in your system were at a consistent rate, this is extremely rare. In open channel flow operations, it’s likely you’ll need to measure a variety of flow rates, which is why you absolutely need to invest in a flume.

Flumes can handle a wide range of flow rates and are particularly great for measuring flows with high rates. Weirs, another type of flow management device, can have a lot of trouble managing high flows compared to flumes of a similar size. If you want to be able to handle the widest range of flow rates possible, purchasing a flume is an excellent decision.

Protection From Debris

Solid debris is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to successful open channel flow management. When debris builds up to a certain point, it may block the flow completely, which may be disastrous for your operation. If you want to keep your system up and running, you should install a high-quality flume.

Many styles of flume are specifically designed to readily pass solid debris. In addition to being resistant to blockages, this design also means that flumes require considerably less maintenance than other flow devices.

Finding the Flume That’s Right for You

Another of the biggest benefits of flumes is that you can easily find the device that’s exactly right for your system. For starters, many flumes are available off the shelf, which means you can choose and purchase your device without waiting for it to be manufactured or the need to pay for any extra modifications.

Flumes are also available in several different sizes and styles. Because there are so many different types of flumes available, you should have no trouble finding a device that meets the specific needs of your system. Finally, flumes have a relatively small installation footprint, which means once you have your device you should be able to install it quickly and easily so that your operations won’t be interrupted for too long.

Buy a Flume

As you can see, the benefits of flumes are almost endless, and when you purchase one of these devices, you’ll have no trouble taking accurate flow readings. If you’re interested in purchasing a flume, there’s no better choice than shopping with Tracom, FRP.

We offer flumes in the most popular sizes and styles, all of which are constructed using high-quality fiberglass. You can contact a Tracom representative at your convenience to learn more about our inventory or to request a quote for one of our flumes.