Are Stilling Wells Right for Sanitary Flows?

If you use flumes in your water management system, then chances are, you also use a stilling well. Stilling wells allow end users to take accurate readings time and time again, making them the perfect tool for water management systems everywhere. However, if your operation deals in sanitary flows, such as with waste management, then you might be wondering if a stilling well is the ideal tool for you.

Before using a stilling well in your sanitary flow, it’s important to examine potential difficulties that can cause problems for your operation. Learn more about stilling wells and find out if they’re the right tool for your water management system that deals with sanitary flows.

How Does a Stilling Well Work?

For water management systems that experience rapid or turbulent flow, a stilling will is the preeminent measurement tool. Stilling wells are installed within a flume but are separated from the actual flow. Using a small inlet, water enters the stilling well for measurement. Because a stilling well is separate from the flow, any measurements that are taken will be free from environmental errors.

Unlike other measurement solutions, using a stilling well gives you only an accurate reading of the rise or fall of your systems flow, making it a great choice for most applications.


Now that you know a little bit more about how a stilling well works, it’s time to examine some of the obstacles of using this particular tool in sanitary flows.

As previously mentioned, water is allowed through a small inlet for the purpose of taking measurements. While this inlet is suitable for most open channel flow applications, it’s size can become a problem in sanitary flows. The effluence that is typical in a sanitary flow operation can very easily clog the inlet of a stilling well, both limiting the amount of water allowed into the well and decreasing the accuracy of your measurements.

Depending on the amount of debris in your sanitary flow, a stilling well might not be your best measurement solution.

Necessary Maintenance

Closely related to the tendency for stilling wells to clog is the necessity for near constant maintenance when used in a sanitary flow. If you’re set on using a stilling well in your sanitary flow, then you must be prepared for your operators to spend a great deal of time clearing the well of debris. Not only does this complicate your operations, it also lessens the amount of time your operators have to spend on their other duties.

If you’re looking for a simple measurement solution for your sanitary flow, you might need to steer clear of stilling wells.

Buy Stilling Wells for Your Operation

Although stilling wells may not be the best tool for sanitary flows, they are still one of the most accurate measurement devices on the market. If you’re looking for a stilling well or another reliable flow measurement tool, then your best source is Tracom, FRP.

Tracom provides water management operations like yours with high quality fiberglass products, making your day to day tasks much easier and successful. Request a quote today and get the water measurement tools that you need.

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