Avoiding Open Channel Flow Measurement Errors

If your water management operation employs an open channel flow, then your primary concern is making sure that your flow measurements are consistently accurate. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful there are a lot of factors that can affect the accuracy of your measurements, limiting the overall success rate of your operation.

However, with the right tips and the right tools at your disposal, you can make sure that your operations gets the accurate measurements that it needs for long-term success. Here are some tips for avoiding common open channel flow measurement errors, including purchasing tools from a reliable source.


The most common mistake in open channel flow operations that lead to inaccurate flow measurements is the improper installation of your flow management tools. No matter if your operations uses flumes, weirs or some combination of both, properly installing your tools will guarantee accurate measurements time and time again.

For example, if you’re using a weir, a weir pool must be the right size to condition your flow, and if you use flumes, your flume must be oriented correctly so as to catch and condition the flow. When you make sure that your flow management equipment is installed correctly, you’ll be able to take accurate measurements whenever you need them.

Measure from the Right Point

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of taking measurements in an open channel flow system, then your biggest obstacle in avoiding errors will be knowing at what point in the flow you should take your measurements from. Taking the measurement from the incorrect point in your flow can lead to inaccurate readings that will interfere with your operation’s success level.

Generally speaking, you should always measure upstream from the most important section of your flow management device. Making sure to measure from the right point in your flow will help to eliminate most of the reading errors common to open channel flow systems.

Get Your Equipment from the Right Manufacturer

Lastly, running your open channel flow operation successfully, including taking measurements, is reliant on having the right tools at your disposal. However, contrary to what you might believe, not all water management tools are made equally, which means you need to get your measuring equipment from the right source.

Picking the right source for your water management system means two things above all else: Long-term success and the peace of mind that only comes from having the right tools for the job. Make sure that any manufacturer you choose uses the highest quality of materials, such as fiberglass, to give you an added level of security.

Measure Open Channel Flow with Fiberglass Tools

As you can see, running an open channel flow system is not without its difficulties. However, if you spend enough time on preparation and make sure you have high quality tools, you’ll be able to avoid common open channel flow errors. When you need the right tools to measure open channel flow, get high quality fiberglass products from Tracom, FRP.

Tracom produces fiberglass water management tools to ease your operations and increase your success to levels you couldn’t have possibly imagined. Contact us today for more information about our catalogue of products.

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