Staff Gauges—Your Dependable Flow Measurement Tool

There are countless flow measurement tools on the market today, but none can provide you with the accuracy and ease of use that you’ll find with a staff gauge. Install one of these gauges in your system, and your operators will be able to read flow depth without any trouble. You’ll also be able to save money, as these tools are very affordable. Learn more about the advantages of staff gauges and find out where you can use this convenient and reliable flow measurement tool.

Where You Can Find Staff Gauges

If you’re not familiar with staff gauges, then you’re likely not aware of the widespread use of these tools. Basically, wherever flow is measured, you can find staff gauges. For example, these gauges are routinely installed in flumes and weirs in industrial operations.

You can also commonly find staff gauges in outdoor flow measurement operations. These devices can be mounted in natural flow channels such as streams and creeks, and may also be used to measure the depth of lakes and reservoirs. Wherever flow depth needs to be measured, you may find a staff gauge installed.

Can’t-Miss Benefits

Learning about the advantages of staff gauges is crucial if you’re thinking about adding one of these measurement tools to your flow management system. The primary benefit of investing in a staff gauge is that they are very easy to install. As long as you have a flat surface, such as the sidewall of a flume, you can mount your staff gauge without any difficulty.

Staff gauges are also very easy to read, which is another big advantage. The numbers and lines on staff gauges are very large and can be read from a distance, which makes your operator’s job a lot easier. Finally, unlike other flow measurement devices that you could choose, staff gauges require almost no maintenance. As long as you periodically clean the face of your gauge to make sure you can read the numbers, you’ll always be able to take accurate flow readings.

A Range of Material

Another enticing benefit of staff gauges is that you can have your gauge manufactured out of whatever material you want or need. While stainless steel is a common option, fiberglass is the much better choice in many situations. Fiberglass, unlike stainless steel, isn’t vulnerable to corrosion or rusting, which means you won’t have to worry about the numbers on your gauge becoming obstructed. If you want your gauge to last as long as possible, have it made from fiberglass.

Get a Device for Your Staff Gauge

If you want to enjoy the advantages of staff gauges, you’ll need to purchase a primary device in which to mount your gauge, and you can easily find the device that’s right for you by shopping with Tracom, FRP. Our product inventory is filled with top-notch primary flow devices, including a wide selection of fiberglass flumes.

We can help you pick the exact right device for your operation, guaranteeing the level of success you want and need. Request a quote from Tracom today and invest in the dependable fiberglass tools you deserve.

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