Choosing The Right Weir Box

Installing a weir box in your flow management operation provides a wide range of benefits, including allowing you to record consistently accurate flow readings. The biggest advantage, however, is the ability to customize your weir box to fit your precise operational needs.

A variety of customizations and accessories are available for your weir box, and if you choose the right ones, you’ll be able to guarantee the success of your operation. Here are a few weir box customizations that you need to be aware of if you’re considering investing in this flow management tool.

How Flow Enters the Box

The most useful customization for your weir box is the ability to determine exactly how the flow in your system will enter and exit your device. Many industrial operations, for example, choose to have their weir boxes equipped with an inlet and outlet port so that flow can be piped in. While this is the most convenient option, it is only one of the many ways that flow can enter and exit your weir box.

In some situations, you might want to have your flow rise until it enters the weir box, and in other circumstances, you can have the flow spill into and out of your flow management device. Your weir box manufacturer should be able to help you choose the option that just fits your system.

Flow Conditioning Accessories

Once the flow enters your weir box, it may need to be conditioned before your operators can record accurate flow readings. Fortunately, there are countless weir box customizations that can help you properly condition the flow in your system.

For instance, if the velocity of the flow in your system is too high, you could equip your weir box with an energy absorber. Or, if the surface of the flow is too turbulent, a tranquilizing rack can eliminate any waves or other flow disturbances. You can also condition the flow in your weir box using a baffle plate.

Tools to Help You Measure

If you want your operators to be able to quickly and accurately read the rate and depth of the flow in your system, there are a number of accessories you can choose for your weir box. For an easy and effective flow reading solution, you could equip your weir box with a staff gauge. It’s also possible to add brackets to your weir box that will allow you to mount an ultrasonic flow meter. Other flow measurement accessories you can add to your weir box include stilling wells, probe wells, sampler tubes and bubbler tubes.

Buy Your Weir Box

Choosing the right weir box customizations will help you to take the accurate flow measurements that you want and need. If you would like assistance deciding which customizations and accessories best meet your needs, get in touch with the experts at Tracom, FRP.

Weir boxes are just one of the many flow management tools that we offer to our consumers. Whatever your operational needs, we have a fiberglass device that will help you succeed. Contact Tracom today so that we can tell you about our weir boxes and provide you with a quote.