RBC Flumes, The Perfect Water Measuring Solution

Out of all the possible types of flumes used in water operations across the country, very little attention is paid to more recent models. The conventional wisdom is that if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it, but when it comes to flumes, one of the more recent innovations just might be the perfect fit for your system. Although it does not possess a long history, the RBC flume is one of the best choices for every type of water system, possessing both a high level of utility as well as versatile applications. Learn more about RBC flumes and find out how you can purchase this flume type for your water system.

How RBC Flumes Work

The RBC flume—or Replogle, Bos, Clemmens—has a history dating back to 1984. It was invented by the U.S. Department of Agriculture specifically for the measurement of flows in dirt channels, such as rural irrigation ditches. However, the RBC flumes constant trapezoidal design makes it extremely useful for a number of water measurement applications as the flow through the flume does not have to be constant. In fact, it is quite surprising that fiberglass RBC flumes are not more widely utilized since it shares characteristics with the more popular Parshall-Bowles and Trapezoidal flumes.

The Different Applications for RBC Flumes

As mentioned previously, RBC flumes were intentionally designed for measuring open earthen channel flows, making them particularly useful in rural areas. However, by no means is this the only application for which an RBC flume is useful. The flat bottom and trapezoidal design of the RBC flume makes it suitable for irrigation and drainage studies, monitoring seepage and measuring irrigation canals. It can also be used for gauging streams. It is clear to see that RBC flumes are one of the best flume types for a number of water measurement needs, and the benefits don’t stop there.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Before choosing any flume type for your water management operation, it can be useful to take stock of a given flume’s advantages and disadvantages. Probably the biggest advantage possessed by the RBC flume is its ability to be completely customized for your operation. RBC flumes can be specifically calibrated using a computer, making them an excellent choice for operations that need a flume with non-standard dimensions. Another advantage is the flat floor of the RBC flume lends to quick, easy installation. The only real disadvantage of the RBC flume is that its connections, both mounting and end type, are relatively limited. However, the benefits of an RBC flume far outweigh its drawbacks.

Install an RBC Flume in Your Operation

If you are looking for a flume for your water management operation that offers a wide range of applications and easy usability, there is almost no better choice than the RBC flume. RBC flumes are suitable for such a wide range of water systems that there is almost nothing this flume type can’t do. To purchase an RBC flume for your operation, or to get access to any number of high-quality water management products, you need to partner with Tracom. Tracom specializes in only the best, quality fiberglass water management products, and can help supply your operation with the tools you need for success. Request a quote from Tracom today!